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Bags for different types of boards


The question of transport can become a problem during the holiday season. Especially if it is a windsurf board. The windsurf board is very long and is the biggest board of the water gliders. Since it belongs to the bulky luggage for the transport, the transportation is very difficult. It is best to pack the board in a board bag. For which the following has to be considered.


General information about the Board Bag

Due to the permanent use of the Board Bag and especially for frequent sportsmen, the choice of the material from which the Board Bag was produced must match the Creatures board bagpossible uses. While the board bags of the earlier generations were mostly made of fabric and could hardly ward off impact damage, today's surfboard bags are made of a mixture of acrylic fibres and a hard plastic base. Different lacing systems and buckles on the bags allow not only different transport possibilities, but also degrees of stability.

Is the fabric bag, the most sensitive variant and can usually not be used for air travel. The nylon bag is usually equipped with additional padding and can absorb shocks. But even if the additional padding is not available, this board bag still offers greater protection than the fabric covers. The fabric covers are very flexible and can adapt to the shape of the board and allow almost no air cushioning between board and material. This means significantly less cushioning in the event of an impact. This fact is also reflected in the price.

This is significantly lower than the price of an air-cushioned and nylon-reinforced board bag. Due to this price difference, the quality of the board bag can also be determined and the possible uses can also be significantly restricted. Because of the permeability of impacts, the lightweight fabric bag is not suitable for air traffic. The transportability on the roof rack is also limited because the fabric bag is not suitable for this type of transport due to its wind and water permeability.

The size of the board bag varies between 6 feet and 9 feet. The Feet size is common in the Anglo-American sport. The English Feet size or the Ellen length were in earliest times the basic sizes for the boards and thus also the accessory products are bound to this size.
The most common brands that offer board bags are FCS, Dakine and ION. These brands have been on the market for more than 20 years and can therefore boast a high degree of professionalism and quality. These brands also have a certain amount of experience, as their own testing laboratories and production tests are incorporated into the latest productions.

Always ensure that all pointed accessories are removed during transport. This applies especially to the fins, the sail and the line, which can lead to an obstruction of the transport. While the composite line does not present a risk of injury to third parties through impact or sharp stinging, the length of the line may cause it to become entangled and cause injury. The length of the windsurfing board must be such that if a person rotates the board, it is accidentally damaged by an uninvolved third party. Due to its length, the board is best carried by two persons in order to coordinate the turning movement with a better view. In many cases, due to the weight of the board and the difficulty of transporting it, a trolley is purchased and used that allows the board to be pulled comfortably to the beach.

In many cases, this car is also designated as a trailer for road traffic and thus allows transport by car without a roof rack. If the surfing board is transported inside the car, the fabric bag can be a useful and light protective cover. However, transport regulations must also be observed here. If the board is placed on the passenger seat, a clear view from the rear window should be ensured.

Handles and holders

ION Core Wakeboard Wheelie Bag

The carrying handles and holders are also different for each material and variant. The fabric cover usually does not have a handle or carrying handle and is therefore better suited for light surfers. The wave riders have three fins, which can also be dismantled as with the surfing board. However, the weight of the board is a few kilograms lower and the length also makes the transport of the board easier and handier. In addition, the surf rider's accessories are smaller and, with the exception of the fins, less overall. In addition to the fin and the sail, the surfing board also has a mast, which means more transport effort.

In most cases the trailer can be transported with either a three-wheeled or a four-wheeled frame. The danger of tipping over is greater with a three-wheeled trailer than with a balanced four-wheeled car, which is however also suitable in many cases for the transport of canoes and other surfboards and can therefore also be found and booked in rental shops. This means there is no need to buy a surfboard bag yourself, but it should and must be available for each individual to protect the board against damage.

A nylon surfboard bag usually has two handles: 1. handle and 2. handle. The handle is usually connected with a loop and can be strapped around the shoulders and carried with the counterweight. The loops can also be adjusted in length to fit the body size. In some cases this loop can be covered with soft padding to ensure comfort. The second handle is the grab handle. It is shorter than the carrying handle and is only used for short periods. Depending on the brand and its equipment, it has also been moved with soft upholstery materials and can therefore strengthen the grip and enable better holding. This means that the hands are not sore when the weight of the board is high and the hands are protected from cuts.


Additional pockets

In some Board Bags the accessories can also be accommodated and is therefore immediately applicable and usable with the entire Surfing Equipement. On the one handion tec board bag bags on the board bags are usable for the repair set and the fins. But some bags are extended so that the folded and dried sail can also be stowed there. Also this constellation is very practical for the experienced surfer and the beginner, because only the mast has to be stowed separately.

It is also the case that this saves the surfer a lot of trouble, as he only needs two bags for his windsurfing materials. The repair set should not be missing especially during longer surf holidays and can then be taken quickly in the hand, should be a small damage to mend the board. The sail is usually made of hard plastic and can therefore easily be torn and scratched by sharp-edged objects. Therefore the protection of the sail is also a task of the board bag. For this reason the board bag should also be chosen according to its equipment adjectives. Because if a bag is purchased too small, this leads inevitably to the painful realization that a big annoyance would have been avoided by a far-sighted purchase.

The mast can usually be transported alone without an additional bag. However, this should also be considered: What happens if the mast is transported with the assembled and rolled up sail and a cover would be very useful and urgently recommended? As soon as the sail is damaged, it is very difficult to straighten and repair it and for this reason a big risk should be excluded beforehand.

Final words

As words at the end everyone on the way is given that he should deal carefully with his Windsurfing equipment and should do this if possible with a complete bag equipment! In addition everyone should inform himself about the possibilities of the use and the stability before the purchase, in order to receive later no higher costs by the developed damages.

Furthermore, no uninvolved third party should be damaged by the transport and therefore the purchase of a board bag is also in the interest of the surfer! Apart from that, all you can do is enjoy the sport and wish you a good experience!