How Can SUP Boarding Get You Into Shape?


The current times make travelling more difficult and sometimes even impossible. For water sports fans, this is all the more worrying, as after all, their longing for swimming, sailing etc. is growing.

Do you want to travel again soon or just stay fit? Stand-up paddle boarding is the perfect solution in both cases. By enthusiasts, SUP is considered to be a demanding workout with a correspondingly high fun factor.

However: SUP has long since established itself as a full-body workout that is considered an all-purpose solution for every part of the body. You can train your shoulders and chest with different exercises, while neither back, arms and nor legs are neglected.

In addition, SUP boarding is suitable for improving cardio skills. But how exactly does stand up paddle boarding help you get or stay in shape? We'll tell you a little more about it below.


Make SUP Workouts More Varied – How About SUP Surfing?

Are you always on the lookout for new workout possibilities and would like to make your training more diverse? With the appropriate change in training and a balanced diet, you can get in shape for the summer.

Stand-up paddle boarding offers the opportunity to switch to new things besides cycling, running etc. One of them is SUP surfing.

SUP Surfing

This type of SUP workout burns around 700 calories per hour and offers a mix of fun and adventure. The special thing about SUP surfing: The longer you can stay on the water and the more intense the waves are, the more effective your workout will be.


SUP & Crossfit – The Modern Way of Working Out

Another SUP variant is the combination with CrossFit. Here, you get the basic training essence while dramatically increasing efficiency.

If you decide to do a workout with Crossfit and SUP, it is recommended to repeat the respective workout on three or four days.

SUP & Crossfit

We have put together a possible example of a Crossfit SUP workout for you below:

  • 10 minutes of warm up
  • 12 bicycle kicks
  • 12 crunches
  • 10 sit ups
  • 12 lunges
  • 6 minutes paddling (medium-high load)
  • 12 butterfly kicks
  • 45 seconds low plank
  • 45 seconds high plank
  • 35 seconds side plank (on each side)
  • 12 minutes SUP boarding

SUP Wake Boarding is Another Way to Stay In Shape

Varied and highly entertaining – that's how SUP Wakeboarding can be described in just a few words. The focus of this type of workout is on strengthening the arms.
Additionally, intensive training has a positive effect on your legs. Other benefits of this type of workout include improving your posture.
Last but not least, SUP wake boarding improves versatility. You will also get more responsive and will be able to plan more flexible workouts.

HIT Workout as a Prime Example

  • HIT (high intensity training) workouts are considered extremely effective and are the solution if you want to push your sessions even further.
  • The following applies: The faster you paddle and the more intensely you approach the workouts, the more it affects your fitness level. A possible example of an ideal HIT workout could look like this:
  • 5 minutes paddling (warm up, low load)
  • 12 minutes SUP (highest intensity)
  • 12 minutes SUP (low Intensity)
  • 2.5 minutes of breathing deeply
  • 12 minutes SUP (highest intensity)
  • 12 minutes SUP (low Intensity)
  • 5 minutes of relaxed paddling to end the workout


How About SUP Yoga?

Have you mastered the high-intensity workout? Then SUP yoga is the perfect next workout, as it's a more sedate style – making it ideal for balancing body and mind.

SUP Yoga

Image source: SUP Yoga Menorca

The duration of the sessions varies, but it’s usually around 60 minutes. You train your physical as well as your mental abilities with SUP yoga. If you still want to increase the efficiency of your workout, you can add bikram or power yoga to your SUP yoga.


SUP Workouts – Pay Attention to Physical Factors

Whichever session you end up choosing, make sure you get enough sleep, drink enough water and take rest breaks. This ensures that the efficiency increases and you get the most out of your workouts.

Do you know any other methods to get fit in these times? Tell us about them in a personal comment.

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