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ION Hardcap 3.2 Comfort Helmet 2020

ION Hardcap 3.2 Comfort Helmet 2020

€ 74.95 € 59.96
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Naish Hokua GTW SUP 2020

Naish Hokua GTW SUP 2020

€ 1,599.00 € 1,119.30
incl. VAT*
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ION Hardcap 3.2 Helmet 2020

ION Hardcap 3.2 Helmet 2020

€ 49.95 € 37.46
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Cabrinha Switchblade Kite 2020

Cabrinha Switchblade Kite 2020

€ 1,199.00 € 899.25
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NP 3mm Mission LC neoprene shoes

NP 3mm Mission LC neoprene shoes

€ 53.95 € 34.95
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NeilPryde 5/4mm Spark Damen Wetsuit

NeilPryde 5/4mm Spark Damen Wetsuit

€ 229.00 € 137.40
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Naish Switch Kiteboard 2020

Naish Switch Kiteboard 2020

€ 549.00 € 384.30
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Mystic 5/3mm Star Damen Wetsuit 2020

Mystic 5/3mm Star Damen Wetsuit 2020

€ 199.99 € 139.99
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Welcome to our water sports and waterwear outlet shop

Wind and waves are the dream of every surfer. In order to enjoy this feeling completely, you need the right equipment. With us you will find out everything you need to know about your equipment for surfing, kiting, wakeboarding, windsurfing and stand-up paddling.

The most important equipment for surfing

The most important thing you need for surfing? - Of course a surfboard! There are some differences you should be aware of. The most common surfboard shapes are:

The longboard

Length: 8-10 feet
High stability in water
Less fast and agile
Well suited for beginners

The Malibu

Slightly shorter than the longboard
Suitable for beginners
Especially suitable for days with weak waves

The Mini-Malibu

Often used in surf schools
Length from 7-8 feet
Especially suitable for small and medium sized waves
Also suitable for advanced students

Short and broad
Good shaft yield possible
Rather only suitable for advanced students

The Shortboard

Size: approx. 5 feet
Short and thin
High manoeuvrability in water and high speed
Especially suitable for experienced surfers and allows tricks

The choice of the right surfboard for you depends on different criteria. First of all, you should choose your surfboard based on your skills. Not every board is suitable for beginners and advanced surfers may get bored on a beginner board. Especially as a beginner the right size of the board is important. But also the price plays a big role here. Therefore beginners can look around in outlet stores to save a lot of money. As a rule of thumb you can use the following:

height + 45 centimetres = the right size of surfboard.

The behaviour of your surfboard on the water is mainly influenced by the following factors:

The length of the board
The width of the board
The thickness of the board
The Rocker Scoop Line
The Tail
The Finns

As a beginner you prefer to use a large and wide board, which gives you stability on the water. The board should also have round tips rather than pointed ends.

You need this for the stand-up paddling

The board is of course also the most important thing in stand-up paddling (SUP). There are some differences here as well:

Touring SUPs
Wave SUPs
Racing SUPs
Allround SUPs

Among them, the boards still differ in hardboard or inflatable board, so-called Inflatables or iSUPs. Today's development has already reached the point where there are already inflatables on the market which are in no way inferior to hardboards. There are also some differences in size. Basically: heavy riders should prefer a board with a higher volume. All these boards can be bought directly in our SUP Outlet Shop.

Of course the SUP paddle is also important for stand-up paddling. An adjustable paddle offers a lot of flexibility here, so that several people can use one and the same paddle. If you decide on your personal paddle, it should have the right length. Here is valid:

Twill size + 20-30 centimeters.

You can choose between paddles made of wood, plastic or carbon. A leash (connecting line) helps you not to lose your board even when going into the water.

The right clothing - you can find them all in our outlet shop

Surfing only in swimming trunks is not recommended. A surfing suit should be. The best choice is a wetsuit, which you can get either in a surf store or a neoprene outlet. This will protect you from wind and waves and from cooling down your body. You should pay attention to the following things:

Perfect fit of the wetsuit, it must not wrinkle
The right model for the corresponding air and water temperature
Optimal freedom of movement

If you go surfing at quite low temperatures, you should think about additional protective clothing:

Surfing shoes

How much does the equipment cost?

Finding the right equipment is the basis for really enjoying surfing and stand-up paddling. This can quickly add up to quite a large sum. However, you should be aware that it is better to spend a little more money on the right equipment than to buy it twice or even to reduce the pleasure on the water because of the wrong equipment. In our outlet store you can save some money and still get the quality you want for your water fun. Our offer in the outlet store extends over:

Neoprene gloves
Neoprene shoes
SUP Paddle
SUP Boards

It is best to visit our outlet store right away. You will surely find the right board and equipment and discover one or two bargains. And of course you will get the quality you are used to, which you want for your surfing pleasure.

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