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Snowboard & Wintersport Accessories Shop

Equip yourself for your winter holiday from our winter sports shop


When the holiday to the ski resort is due, the existing equipment must first be checked. What do I have? What do I need? What should I replace? What do I want to replace? Sometimes it is also a question of learning a completely new sport during a winter holiday and, for example, switching from skiing to snowboarding. In order to equip you in the best possible way for your winter holiday, we offer you a wide range of winter sports equipment. Not only skis and snowboards are in the foreground, which are adapted to all imaginable variations of the surroundings, but also to the suitable winter sports accessories in our winter sports shop. The alpine sports in particular require special preparation in terms of environmental conditions and there is a lot to consider here.


Everything you need for beginners in the winter sports shop

Snowboarding is a classic for winter sports enthusiasts and continues to enjoy great popularity. It is a quite beginner-friendly sport and also offers a high degree of variety with regard to the different driving styles. Depending on your own experience or preferences you can choose your riding style, but you will also need different equipment. You should therefore think about what you want to focus on before going on holiday and equip yourself accordingly in the winter sports shop. It is especially worthwhile for beginners not to want too much too quickly: Skiing must also be learned and your own safety always comes first.

Beginners should therefore first familiarise themselves with ploughing. For this, ordinary snowboarders are suitable, which can be purchased in the Snow Shop. The feet are positioned in such a way that the skis form a V. Although it is not possible to reach high speeds, this way you get a feeling for your own skis and start to slowly approach the sport. Finally, ploughing also forms the basis of skiing, as the brakes are controlled in this way. The beginner has more control down a mountain than at high speeds, which would be dangerous for the beginner.


Snowboard & Ski Shop for advanced skiers 

Advanced snow fans can buy suitable utensils for carving in the ski shop. Here shorter skis are used, which make it possible to ski downhill edges and reach high speeds. This is of course not for beginners and should therefore only be done by athletes with a little experience to minimize the risk of injury. As is so often the case, it is not only the length of the skis that counts, because the expected surface is also relevant when choosing the right skis. Many skis are specially designed for deep snow or prepared downhill runs, so that you should also pay attention to the conditions at the holiday resort during the tour in the ski shop.

Experienced ski experts use the transfer or parallel turn to achieve higher speeds on the slopes. This is done by shifting your weight on the skis. However, when it comes to the maximum speed to be reached, longer skis are used again. Body size, on the other hand, is usually a secondary criterion for ski length. In principle, beginners are well advised to start with short skis and learn to plow and carve first. Advanced skiers and professionals who want to ski as fast as possible on groomed slopes, on the other hand, will take longer skis.


Cross-country skiing and snow accessories

Of course you don't necessarily have to ski & snowboard downhill, but you can also dedicate yourself to cross-country skiing. Compared to downhill skiing on steep slopes, cross-country skiing is far less prone to injury and allows beginners, professionals and older people to explore the surroundings in a more relaxed way. The fast downhill ride is by no means in the foreground here.

No matter if you are a beginner or already an advanced rider or even a professional, the right equipment is always the center of attention. Especially the accessories for the skis are decisive. Ski poles are indispensable and must be bought in any case in the ski shop. Of course, the right footwear should not be missing and also in terms of wax you should inform yourself beforehand what demands the ski area places on the wax and thus on the grip. Therefore, in addition to the actual sports equipment, the appropriate accessories in the winter sports shop must also be considered.


The snowboard for your winter holiday

Anyone who has already gained some experience on skis may consider buying a snowboard. Some beginners in winter sports may even give up learning to ski completely and start directly with the snowboard. The main differences between skiing and snowboarding are obvious: Instead of two boards, snowboarding has only one and ski poles are not used at all. Snowboarding does not tend to allow such high speeds as on skis, but snowboarding has become a trend among younger winter sports enthusiasts in particular.

If you are thinking about buying a snowboard, you have to consider a few things. Apart from the fact that good motor skills are required to stay on the snowboard even at high speeds, the snowboard must also be tailored to individual needs. So it is relevant which foot should be in front, and also which ground prevails in the snow area, is decisive. Also whether you are primarily out to perform tricks, or whether you are an adrenaline junkie and you are primarily concerned with high speeds, must be considered.

At the same time there are serious differences in the shape of the snowboard. So the right length of the snowboard is not only determined by our own body size, but also by our riding behaviour. If you ride mainly in deep snow, the snowboard may be a bit longer, but on specially prepared slopes the board should not be too long. If you have big feet, it is also worth thinking about buying a wide snowboard, so that you don't permanently tilt the snowboard boots in the snow. Otherwise you risk serious injuries.

The snowboard and the boots for beginners or advanced skiers are one thing, the events on the piste another. Before you can buy your snowboard, you have to be aware of all these things and should therefore be well informed about what you need and also what your surroundings in winter sports area require for utensils.


The right snow sports accessories 

No matter whether you are enthusiastic about skiing or want to buy a snowboard: the right snow sports accessories must also be considered. Of course, clothing is the top priority. It should keep warm and also be stable. For men and women there are suitable snowsuits and jackets. But especially the boots are important for a successful winter holiday. Not only do they keep you warm, they should also provide you with a firm grip on your snowboard or ski. Shoes should therefore be given a lot of attention.

But there is also no way around other snow sports accessories apart from clothing. The skis or snowboard must be stowed away. For this you need a suitable bag that can be carried comfortably and at the same time securely stows the winter sports equipment. In addition, skis and snowboards must be waxed at least before the holiday, but preferably also during it. This can be done at high cost in winter sports areas by supposed professionals, or you can do it yourself at home with a little effort. For this you need the right wax, a special iron and a suitable brush. The wax should be adapted to the temperature range of the holiday destination.

Furthermore, the edges of a snowboard should also be sanded so that they can be adapted to your own riding style. And of course the topic tuning belongs to the range of snow sport accessories. Completely uninteresting for beginners, especially advanced skiers or professionals who want to get the most out of their skis or snowboard with racing wax in order to get closer to the ultimate speed rush.

So there is a lot to consider when it comes to a sporty winter holiday. Therefore the preparation for the winter vacation begins also in the winter sport Shop. This is the first port of call and also a good source of information when it comes to skis, snowboards or snow sports accessories. From the choice of the sport equipment, over the correct clothes up to the suitable accessories such as wax or the cleaning set so the correct preparation can be met, so that the winter vacation becomes a full success.