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Shoes what a wonderful term for women! Should it go to buy shoes, the first Juhu is called by a woman! The men of creation usually just twist their eyes. Not so with snowboard boots!

General information about the snowboard boots

Nidecker Trinity Boa Snowboard BootIn the past, snowboard boots were built in the same way as ski boots, but now they are more and more often being used as soft boots. These boots are softer than the hard boots and make wearing them much easier. Not only because of the shapeability of the material, but also the clear lightness of the material facilitate the wearing comfort and can be worn by dainty people well.

The Hardboots resemble the ski boots and offer a very good hold due to their hard shell. Due to this good hold in the plastic shells, the ankle joints cannot be moved and the weight shift on the board therefore has a direct effect on the edge positioning and the associated transfer of force to the board. This direct force effect can also control the speed and increase the boarder's riding feeling. The hardboots mostly have a plate binding and therefore have a higher strength than the softboots and therefore, as already described, the power transmission is not restricted.

The softboots have different models for the binding and also different models for the softboots themselves. The softboots with an integral component have the connecting elements with the plate bindings built into the shaft as a rigid shell. In most cases, the bindings are equipped with a snap-in function to ensure stability. In the case of non-integral components, belt bindings with a plastic reinforcement at the heel are usually used. The straps are adjustable to the width of the soft boots and can additionally stabilize the boots.

Snowboard boots for men and women basically consist of an outer skin and an inner shoe. The inner boot can usually be removed. This is a great way to keep your feet warm, especially when preheating your snowboard boots on cold winter days. The boots themselves usually have different upholstery and lacing systems.


Snowboard boots lacing

The double lacings are easier to handle than the triple lacings. The double lacings are usually tied like normal shoes. At the shoe waistband, the straps are then joined with a zipper or held together with a bow tie. In the triple lacings, the lacing sections are divided into three parts. This allows each foot section to be optimally fixed in the snowboard boot.

The fasteners of the lacings are attached either on the boot shaft front or on the side, as with the Speed-Zone lacing system. The side closure systems have a much greater pulling force on the boots and can therefore be tightened more tightly. The closures can still be divided into the terms BOA system, which originated from wakeboarding, and Focus BOA or Hybrid Lancing. Additional Velcro fasteners increase the stability.

The flex grades of snowboard boots

In total, the strength of snowboard boots can be divided into three categories. Some shops also divide them into four categories. The numerical categorization is called a Nidecker Talon Boa Snowboard Bootflex degree. The triple categorization includes an allocation of different types of use that extend across the park/freestyle, All-Mountain, freeride/backcountry and carving/ race. The degrees of hardness vary between 2 and 10. The name of the Flex categories is divided into the following four terms: Soft, Medium, Stiff-Medium and Stiff.

This holding tension can be crucial in competition and freestyle. This degree of hardness not only controls the distribution of forces on the board with the weight shift, but also defines the freedom of movement of the foot. The connection between the use and the degree of hardness has thus also become clear. The higher and thus stronger the degree of hardness, the higher the power transmission to the board. The hardness grades 7-10 are used for carving and racing, whereas the lowest hardness grades at 2-7 are found in freestyle and park. The degrees in between are a kind of compromise solution or are well suited for so-called all-rounders and beginners. The grades 5-7 are very good off-roaders and are suitable for beginners as well as 5-10 which almost cover the whole range.

The right shoe

Nitro Thunder TLS Snowboard BootSo they have found the right snowboard boot as soon as the possibilities of use, the fit and the ideas of their own experience match.

We will be happy to advise you! The right shoe size is found as soon as the big toe touches the tip of the shoe slightly when squatting, the size is right.

The insole should also be soft and warming. However, it can also be said here that the stability should be clearly in the foreground and this is mostly guaranteed with men's shoes by a hard sole.


Final words!

Shoes are very important when snowboarding, as they guarantee the functionality of the board even more than when skiing. So take care and have fun boarding!