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    Welcome to our Snow Wear Shop


    In our Snow Wear Shop you will find waterproof snowboard pants, warm winter jackets, cuddly caps, as well as protectors and high-quality functional clothing, which protects you ideally against cold, wet and injuries during winter sports. But our snow wear is not only suitable for sports, it also keeps you warm for your ways through the city in winter.

    Especially in the cold winter months the functionality and features of your snowboard jacket are very important. If you spend a lot of time in the snow, your snow wear should keep you warm and protect you reliably and this is what our snowboard clothing offers you.

    What makes a good snowboard clothing?

    Every snowboarder and skier knows that the weather in the mountains can change several times a day. Even if the morning starts with sun, the afternoon can surprise Snow Wear Shopwith a snowstorm. That is why the right snowboard clothing is incredibly important. In order to be protected against the wet in snowfall, you should definitely choose a snowboard jacket with a high waterproofness.

    Snowboard jackets should also be breathable, because sweat and moisture must be able to escape somewhere, otherwise you can easily catch a cold. Snowboarders should also make sure that the snowboard pants have extra reinforcement on the knees and buttocks, because they often sit in the snow for a long time. For freeriders, a high degree of freedom of movement is also important so that they can perform their tricks safely and without restrictions.

    That's why we only offer high quality and well thought-out clothing in our Snow Wear Shop, which of course offers you a high wearing comfort. This way you benefit from our snowboard clothing not only with a good fit but also with special features such as practical ventilation systems and perforated chin guards. With our snowboard clothing you are well equipped for all snow conditions.

    Functional clothing for sports and leisure

    In addition to high-quality snowboard jackets and snowboard pants, we also offer functional clothing for men and women. Our functional shirts and pants are made of a stretchy and quick-drying material that guarantees a perfect fit. In addition, the hooded collars of the functional shirts are lined with a pleasant fleece lining, which ideally protects the neck from the cold.

    You can wear our functional wear under your snowboard jacket and snowboard pants, as well as during sports or leisure time.

    Protectors for women, men and children

    snowboard clothingFor many people, snowboarding is one of the most enjoyable leisure activities. But sometimes it can be quite dangerous with this sport. At the high speed at which you are hurtling down the piste, accidents can happen again and again. But also freeriders, who jump over high chances and do somersaults, have to protect themselves from possible accidents. For this reason, we also offer various protectors for women, men and children in our snowboard clothing store.

    So you can find protectors especially for the back in our offer, which are made of flexible and light materials and still allow full freedom of movement. Back protectors are not only suitable for snowboarding, but also protect skiers and cross-country skiers from possible injuries. In our online Snow Wear Shop you can also find protector pants, knee protectors and sleevless freeride protector vests.

    Stylish caps and warming balaclavas for the winter

    In addition to functional snowboard jackets, snowboard pants and protectors, we naturally also offer caps and balaclavas that keep your head warm in winter and also protect your face from the cold. The balaclavas are suitable for extra cold protection when snowboarding under a helmet, but also for cycling in winter or hiking in bad weather conditions. In our offer you can find complete face masks as well as balaclavas for neck and neck.

    Our balaclavas are breathable and can be worn together with caps and/or helmets. Some of our models are also size adjustable. Beside the balaclavas you can find a variety of stylish caps in our store. Caps are also a really cute gift idea for Christmas, Santa Claus or birthdays, which everyone is happy about. In our offer you can choose between different models and colors, so you will surely find one that perfectly underlines your personal style.

    Buy high quality snowboard wear in our online Snow Wear Shop

    Whether snowboard clothing for women, men or children - in our online Snow Wear Shop everyone will find what they are looking for. Our offer ranges from high-quality Functional clothingand performance-supporting snowboard jackets and snowboard pants, to protective protectors for back, knees and buttocks, to fashionable caps and cold-proof balaclavas.

    Our snowboard clothing is of course not only suitable for snowboarders and freeriders, but also for everyday cold protection in winter. Our products are especially characterized by water-repellent and breathable materials, which also offer great freedom of movement.

    In addition, our snowboard jackets have great features, such as snow-proof hand and chest pockets and soft chin and neck protection. Whether a long winter walk or a snowboard vacation in the Alps - with our snowboard clothing everyone stays warm even in the coldest temperatures.

    Let us convince you of our offer and order your new favorite clothing simply online in our snowboard clothing store. From a purchase of 60€ we deliver your order without any delivery charges.