White magpie

White magpie

Elster meadows are a unique entity of nature, with calm and sounds of flora and fauna. The Elbe floodplain between Zeitz and Pegau is one of the last evidences of how our river landscapes might once have looked. Large parts of the Elsteraue have been destroyed by the lignite mining in the region. The Elster course on this paddling tour is undoubtedly one of the most scenic stretches of the White Elster. At the beginning you will receive from our tour guide a detailed instruction for the "Canoe Tour White Magpie". Our canoes are not safe on this section of the river. From 8 persons we carry out the "Canoe Tour White Magpie".

The Elsteraue Tour

Length: approx. 8 km

the canoe tour Weiße Elster with entry into Ostrau on the L192 and exit in the Elsteraue near Profen

Duration: 2.5h - 3.0h

Price: 27,00 € pp

37,00 € pp including barbecue or fire pot

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