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Set Ascending Direction

Set Ascending Direction

The kitesurf bar

The kite bar or also known as bar is the connection between athlete and kite. Here are attached to this 20 to 30 meters long control lines. The Kitesurf Bar allows you to steer the kite while driving. All elements of the control you will initiate through the bar. In kite surfing, not only the kite but also the kite bar has been continuously developed in recent years. Thus, improvements were made in handling and especially in the security system.

Kite bar size

Kitesurfing has become very safe in recent years thanks to the sophisticated three-stage safety system that is used in the kitebar. In addition to the three-level security system, of course, the width ausschlaggeben. A larger kite needs more steering power than a smaller one. Some kite bar manufacturers have developed adjustable kite bars in recent years. Here you can put the ends of the bar out of each other or adjusting. This allows the use of a kitebar with different kite sizes.

Kitesurf bar systems

There are different bar systems. In addition to the widths of the bar, which graded to use the respective kite size, there are also different number of lines at the bar. Prinzipiel are always 2 back or control lines, with which the kite is turned on and controlled at an angle to the wind. Most kites are so-called 4-liners. They are thus controlled by the bar with 4 lines. Classic C-kites and other models often have additional stabilization in the middle at the front tube, the fifth leash. Smaller kites and trainer or training kites are also available as a 2-line kite. Here the control lines serve both the power transmission and the steering of the kite. With this bar system no depower of the kite is possible. In your Kiteshop, you can choose and order your matching Kitesurf Bar between Cabrinha and Naish models or even RRD models.