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Freeride Kiteboard

The big kitesurfing brands Naish and Cabrinha produce an exemplary selection of very special freeride kiteboards every season that cover the spectrum of diverse freeride performance. The extremely large application range of a Freeride Kiteboard allows kiting to be carried out under various conditions without sacrificing the stability, functionality or running characteristics of the kite board. For a freeride kiteboard, besides weight and dimensions, you should first of all take into account the height and glide characteristics, and you should also consider shaping and flexibility when purchasing a freeride kite board.

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If you are looking for tricks and jumps while freeriding, you should choose a kiteboard with a softer flex. In particular, vertically laminated cores provide reduced weight and natural flex, without making the kiteboard unstable, so even at high speeds, board control remains par excellence. However, if you're willing to break any speed records, it's worth choosing a stiffer freeride kiteboard. Less flex on most kiteboards provides more resilience and stability, so you can safely and safely dispense across the water without incidents.


The differences between a freestyle and a freeride kiteboard are usually not very big. Often, freestyle kiteboards offer lighter weight, faster spin, more roaring, and more responsive, making quick tricks and maneuvers easier. Naish and Cabrinha's Freeride Kiteboards and Allround Kiteboards let you ride in almost any condition, keeping the performance range open with balance, shape and flex. Especially freeride kiteboards still keep an explosive pop, which can lead to the intended, cozy kite session ending in a trick massacre. In your SUP - Kite - Wake - Surf - Neoprene - online shop you can between models of brands such as Unifiber and Starboard or Buster and Ronix ProLimit or NP Surf plus NeilPryde to Naish and Mistral as well Matunas Surfwax course also JP Australia or Imagine and Earth Surf also Ding All else Cabrinha continue to select and order BIC Earth SUP and finally XCEL your suitable Windsurf or Kitesurf and Stand Up Paddling or Wakebaord Equiopment.