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Wakestyle Kiteboard

Wakestyle Kiteboards are designed for advanced professional kiteboarders and kiters who specialize in big airs, radical jumps and flat tricks. These kiteboards are characterized by a stiff flex, heavy rocker, mostly deep channels and a huge pop, which, however, in order to develop its full resilience, kiting requires strength and good footwork. Riding Wakestyle Kiteboards properly requires a lot of body tension and a well-trained musculature. However, once you've mastered their rugged, explosive properties, the kite boards are extremely sturdy and durable, even kite-boosting jumps to unbelievable heights.

Wakestyle board construction

Wakestyle Kiteboards are usually driven with either foot straps or fixed bit board bindings. They are designed to be shorter and more power-maximized, for example, in special carbon layers that absorb impacts on landings, and most Wakestyle Kiteboards have razor-sharp edges for extreme grip and radical turn characteristics. Continuous concave bottom boats provide control even at high speeds, greater loading of the kite board before jumping off and best directional stability when landing from high altitude.

Purchase a Wakestyle Board

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