Kitesurfing Harnesses

Set Ascending Direction

Set Ascending Direction

The kite harness

After the three main components of kite surfing, the kite harness is by far the most important element. The kite harness is available in various designs, with a first differentiation, as well as in windsurfing, between kite waist harness and kite seat harness is possible. The kitesurf harness is mainly used to hold the kite. Even small kites are able to develop enormous pulling forces. Without the use of a kite harness, it would not be possible for the kite to be held. The athlete straps the harness around his own hip. Then the kitesurf trapeze is attached to the chickenloop, below the bar, using a metal chopper. By this attachment, the kite harness is finally connected to the kite.

Different trapeze models

You can choose between different models when looking for a kite harness. The most well-known systems are Kite Sitztrapez and the Kite Hüfttrapez. In addition, there are Treapez hybrids on the market. The kite waist harness is one of the favorites today, because it gives the athlete maximum freedom of movement. Especially with complicated tricks, these designs and the associated flexibility pays off. The biggest danger with the kite waist harness is that it slips. As a result, the wearing comfort is finally impaired in considerable form. If the kite waist harness is too high, it can eventually press on the costal arch.

Features Kite seat harness

In addition to the kite waist trapeze, the kite seat harness has become one of the best known designs. The seat harness sits very securely and firmly. Due to the leg straps, it sits stably on the pelvis. Even if there are enormous traction forces or the kite has "reached its zenith", the kite seat harness does not slide too far up. Compared to a kite waist harness, the kite seat harness thus offers better wearing comfort, which can benefit beginners in particular.
There is also a combination of these two styles as a kite harness to buy on the market. The seat hip harness cleverly connects the characteristics of both harness types. This kite harness is basically at the same height as a kite waist harness. However, it is also provided with leg straps and a small seat. This will prevent the kite harness from sliding up. For the production of these systems is predominantly used tissue, which has similarities with Cordura.
In your Kiteshop, you can choose and order your matching Kitesurf harness between models of the brands NP Surf, Naish and ProLimit.