Kite Harnesses for Children

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Set Ascending Direction

The kite harness for children

Kite board, kite and harness are the three most important pieces of kiteboarding equipment. Especially for the not yet fully developed muscles of the kids and the still developing motor skills, the kite trainer should be supportive, comfortable to wear and stand out in terms of functionality and material composition. The kite trapeze is the central interface between the kite-bar and the kitesurfer, so it significantly affects the kite's controllability and sense of security, as well as overall the dynamics and kite performance on the water.

Kitetpepe for children

In our kiteshop we offer you a wide selection of kit trapeze for kids. High-quality, ever-evolving brands such as XCEL, ProLimit and NP Surf have been committed to the highest quality in producing children's kite harnesses, as well as their adult products, and a controlled production method adapted to kite surfing research. There is also a difference between seat harnesses and hip harnesses. While the kite seat harness offers great comfort thanks to the leg straps and its solid support, the kite waist harnesses for children support the learning of the first freeride basics, jumps and tricks through their unmatched freedom of movement. Wetsuit and impact vest should carry the trapeze optimal comfort, so that the fun on the water for the next generation kitesurfers knows no bounds.

Optimal comfort for the little ones

Kit trapeze from ProLimit, NP Surf and XCEL impress with their appealing design, safety and high-quality workmanship. The leg straps of the kite seat harnesses are made of extra soft neoprene material, so there is no cutting and pressure points during kitesurfing avoided. Recessed seams on the inside of most Kids Trapeze provide extra comfort, the PU outer layer is water-repellent and causes a low total weight of high-quality trapeze. In our Kiteshop, there are all kids trapeze offered in different sizes, which are based on the body weight and the age of current junior surfers and future wave-conquerors. In your Kiteshop you can choose and order your matching Kitesurf Equiopment between models of the brands Cabrinha, Naish as well as NP Surf and ProLimit.