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    Kite harness accessories

    Kittenset accessories

    Due to the constant load and the constant pull during kitesurfing, kitesurf trapezoids also suffer from signs of wear. To keep your kite equipment fully functional and responsive, and to keep your kitesurfing performance from being hampered by damaged hardware, our kiteshop offers you a huge selection of kitesurfing and harness accessories. The bullet points and size information provided in the product info box will help you to choose the right spare parts for your kite harness and all other kitesurfing products, the individual parts of which are available in our kit shop.

    Tasks of the kite trapeze

    As the kite surfing kiteboard, kite and bar is the most important kitesurfing accessory, it should be checked for comfortable fit and functionality on the water before each session. In the foreground are the Quickrelease connection between chicken loop and trapeze in the form of the metal-made trapeze hook, as well as the Spreader Bar, whose mobility and functioning are essential prerequisites for an ideal balance of forces during kitesurfing. Kite harnesses, which are driven with brittle or no longer fully functional items, guarantee neither the safety that you draw from the comfort of kitesurfing during turns and demanding maneuvers, nor the hundred percent working of the Safty-Leash, which your kite from loss on the Water secures.

    Kite trapeze accessories at Surferworld

    We at Surfer-world.com have made it our mission not only to offer trapeze and kitesurfing products from NP Surf, ProLimit and XCEL, but also to focus on the spare parts that would otherwise have to be ordered directly from the manufacturer. The entire range of trapeze accessories released by the manufacturers ProLimit, XCEL and NP Surf can be found in our kiteshop, from the spreader bar to individual harness hooks and release buckles in various designs and sizes. The descriptions will help you to find the right accessory for your harness. If you have any questions about our products, our kiteshop team will help you at any time in detail and with professional know-how. In your Surfer-world.com Kiteshop you can choose and order your matching Kitesurf Equiopment between models of the brands Cabrinha, Naish as well as NP Surf and ProLimit as well as XCEL.