Kites for Kitesurfing

Set Ascending Direction

Set Ascending Direction

The kite

The steering of the kite is possible via lines which are connected at the end via the so-called bar with the kite. By tilting the bar, the kite is steered in the desired direction. By tightening and pushing away, the angle of attack of the kite can be varied in the wind. So it is possible to generate the desired pressure in the kite. Through these two controls, the kite can generate the desired position and pressure. Basically, of course, the right kite size is crucial.

Equipment of the kites

In recent years, kitesurfing has become a safe sport. Modern and therefore secure kites have a three-level security system. The first step is simply letting go of the kite bar. Immediately the kite is almost depressurized. The kite now flies to the edge of the wind window. Once there, the kite sinks slowly to the ground or onto the water surface due to its own weight. The second stage of the three-level kitesurfing security system is the triggering. This is a simple handle on the connection between the harness and the kite. This handle causes the kite to be connected to the kiter with only one leash after release. The kite can build so no profile and thus no pressure. The last step causes the kiter to break from the last line that still connects to the kite. Again, only a small handgrip is necessary. The kite and the kiter are now completely separated.


If you want to buy a kite, you will be confronted with the question of what size and type of kite should have. Here, of course, the weight next to the level of ability and of course the prevailing wind conditions plays a role in the selection of the kite. Due to the small gradations of the kite sizes in usually one square meter steps it is possible to select exactly the right size of the kite. There are different types of kite. The most popular type of kite is the tube kite. Here, the front of the kite is inflated with an inflatable tube, giving the kite stability. Starting with the sporty and agile C-kite over bow kite, hybrid as well Delta are some types of this kite type. Another type of kite are the softkites. They are similar in construction to the paragliders and the same as the tube kites. Through the leading edge air enters the kite and spreads throughout the whole screen. The galleriel lends the kite his profile and also the control commands, triggered by the bar, are passed on to the kite. In your Kiteshop you can choose and order your matching kite between Cabrinha, Naish and RRD models.