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Welcome in our Paddelboot / Kajak Shop


The paddling

Hardly any means of transport for the water is as traditional as the paddle boat. Centuries ago, people used simple paddle boats to cross the water or navigate lakes and rivers. Today's models, whether they are canoes or kayaks, can not be compared to the first canoe.

With the appropriate paddle, the boats are moved forward on the water. The drivers are usually in sight. In addition to the Canadians, the kayak has prevailed in recent years as an essential form of paddle boats.


Paddle and rowboat

paddle boat shopIf you want to buy a rowing boat, you can choose from different models and offers at So you can buy a classic kayak from us, but you can also opt for an inflatable kayak. Basically rowing boats are very different from the paddle boat. While you are always sitting in the direction of the paddle boat, you are facing it in the rowing boat with your back turned. Rowing boats also have oars that are tightly connected to the boat hull.

This is not the case with the paddle boat. The paddles are loose. At, you can buy differently sized and differently equipped paddles. In the paddle boat the paddles are always guided freely. You can buy paddles from us that are suitable for the classic canoe, but can also be used in the inflatable kayak.


The paddle boats

If you want to buy a paddle boat today, you have to work through a wide range of different offers. The first paddle boats were much easier than today's versions. Thus, thecanoe shop beginnings of these boats go back to the time of 6000 to 4000 BC. Already during this time there were the first dug-in pounds in Scotland. 4000 BC, the first canoe was finally built. Over the centuries, especially old canoes were identified, which were identified as the original canoes in the Euphrates, for example. However, the dugout is not the direct ancestor of canoeing boats, which you can buy today as a canoe.

The kayak and canoe, as it is known today, is a further development, which was developed from the fur boats by the Inuit. The bark boats, which used the Indians in North Americans, also served as a basis. Animal skin, bones and birch bark were used as materials for the first paddle boat models. Quite quickly, wood also prevailed as a material. By the way, the kayaks, like the umiaks, were the traditional means of transport of the Inuit for a long time.


The paddle

paddle for canoe buy onlineTo get the most out of a paddle boat, you need to buy the right paddle. Like the boats themselves, the paddles are also offered in different versions according to the application areas. With us you can buy different construction methods from the paddle. Through the paddle it is possible by means of arm-muscle power to propel the boat forward. You get out without appropriate counter bearing on the boat.

With the paddle, the driver also has a clear view in the direction of travel. You can buy paddles from us that are offered as double paddles or puncture paddles. Puncture paddles are used for both stand-up paddling and canadians. In contrast, the double paddle has prevailed in the kayak.

The paddle serves primarily as a drive. For some water sports it is only used as an auxiliary drive.


The kayak

At you can buy a kayak in just a few clicks. In addition to the classic kayak, we also offer the Inflatable kayak. It is characterized by its easy storage andkajak set shop comfortable transport. The kayak was once derived from the Greenlandic language, in which such rowing boats were known as Qajaq. For the drive you need a double paddle, which you can buy in our shop as a paddle.

The occupants always sit in the kayak in the direction of travel. The peculiarity is the structure, which makes it necessary that the thighs are spread laterally in the trunk. Originally the Eskimos developed the kayak from the Inuit as a manoeuvrable boat. They used it especially for hunting. The first boat of this type was not comparable to the models you can buy today as a kayak.

It was a simple frame made of wood and bone. In particular, the inflatable kayak today primarily high-tech materials are used. In your online surf shop you can choose and order your own paddle or canoe accessories for paddling from models of the BIC brand.