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The paddle boat

If you're on the water, you usually opt for a boat. Boats powered by paddles are now available in a wide variety of designs. The classic is the paddle boat. In addition, the Canadian enjoys growing popularity. Also known as Canadians, he is an open canoe. The Canadians can basically be driven both while sitting and kneeling. The Canadian is known as a traditional means of transport of the Indians. They used this open canoe to cross the wooded and mostly impassable areas of North America.

Materials of the paddle boat

If you want to buy a kayak, you are in the right place at The first kayak appeared in Germany as early as the 19th century and at that time was still known as the Greenlander. Today, the kayak is available in very different designs on the market. The different designs are shown in the designs. Thus, for these canoe types very different materials such as aramid fiber reinforced plastic and wood are used. But also materials such as polyethylene and ABS are used. In addition, the kayak construction GFK and CFK have made a name for themselves. Meanwhile, there are also models of kayak that are inflatable. They are characterized by their simple and comfortable handling. For the various canoe sports there are also very different kayak designs today.

Classic rowing boats

You can easily buy your canoe at The canoe is the classic paddle boat. It is available today in very different designs on the market. So you can opt for Canadians and kayaks. In the paddle boat, the paddle is fundamentally cleared. The Canadians are the traditionally open canoe and thus one of the most striking forms. As a paddle boat, the canoe is no longer used only in leisure time, but is also used in competitions. The boats have been optimized in recent years to achieve top performance in each category. So the models are so perfected that kayak and Canadians can hardly be distinguished from each other, especially in wild water racing and in freestyle. A very special form of paddle boat is the Baidarka. It can be used kneeling or sitting in a double paddle with a piercing paddle.
In your paddle boat shop you can choose from models of the brand BIC your matching paddle boat or canoe and inflatable paddle boat for paddling and order.