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Kayak Paddles

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The paddle

To advance a paddle boat through the use of arm-muscle power, resorting to a paddle. Today, the paddle is made in a variety of constructions, with breakthroughs in the materials, especially in the past. Paddles are guided in the paddle boat, for example, as a kayak paddle fundamentally without an abutment. The tour is free with the arms. The paddler always sits in the direction of travel. As a result, a boat that is powered by the paddle is also significantly different from a rowboat.

Types of paddle

The paddles are implemented by the manufacturers of different types. A distinction can be made between the models with two paddle blades and a paddle blade. Two paddle blades are also known as double paddles. They have made a name for themselves as a kayak paddle. In contrast, the paddle with a paddle blade from the piercing paddle is mentioned. It is used both in the dragon boat as well as the jib canoe and the stand-up paddling. Often today the paddle is made of carbon. Carbon is a very innovative material. The paddle is the main driving force in both canoe and dinghy. It can also be used as auxiliary or emergency drive on other boats.

Construction of the paddles

One thing most carbon and other paddles have in common: this is the structure. So the paddle basically consists of the paddle knob, the paddling shaft and the shaft root. In addition, there is the paddle blade with the blade shoulder and the blade edge. The paddle knob basically forms the upper shaft end. He comes before the puncture paddle, where he is now processed in two versions. So it can be a palm knob or a T-knob. The Palmknauf is mainly used with the wooden paddle. The T-knob is also known as a spade handle. With the paddle made of carbon and any other material, the pommel primarily serves to control the paddle blade employment. On the other hand, double paddles come out completely without a pommel. Meanwhile, there are also divisible double paddle on the market. These can be converted into two piercing paddles by means of two studded shaft pieces. In the piercing paddle the knob is quite often formed via a fishing hook. With the double paddle, the paddle shafts connect the two paddle blades. Mostly they are straight and round. However, special shafts have gained ground in the last few years in paddling. These have a kinked shaft or are made, for example, with an oval tube on the way. In your online surfer-world.com surf shop you can choose and order suitable paddles for your paddle boat or canoe as well as wetsuits from models of the BIC brand.