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Inflatable SUP Boards

Inflatable SUP Board

Like other water sports, Stand Up Paddling is experiencing constant development, especially in the area of equipment. One of the big innovations in this area is the Inflatable Board, which has significant benefits. This model is inflatable as a board and is in conjunction with the SUP Paddle on the rise. If you want to buy a SUP, you can choose from us for the Inflatable Board in different versions. With the Stand Up Paddle Board, the Inflatable Board has created a whole new trend that has made it possible to reach a whole new audience.

Alternative to the hardboard

With the Inflatable Board, which is an inflatable SUP board, you choose a stand up paddle board, which is a practical alternative to the fixed SUP board. It can be easily transported in a backpack and is a guarantee for a space-saving storage. Especially if your space for the SUP paddle is low, the handle to the inflatable board is recommended. Compared with blunt objects, which include, for example, stones or broken branches on the bank, this stand up paddle board is less vulnerable. In addition, you can carry out many repairs on these boards yourself, thereby saving both time and money in the long term. With the Inflatable Board you can rely on a lower weight. In addition, the boards are very robust and are therefore ideal for the whitewater and the training area.

Construction of inflatable SUP

You can buy this SUP at Surfer-world.com in different versions. One thing all Inflatable Board models have in common today. They are suitable for family by their characteristics. This is especially due to the softer surface, which reveals its advantages, especially in a fall. The boards are also more non-slip and provide enough space for other people to stand on it. In the water the Inflatable Board develops a much lower noise level. You can adapt this stand up paddle board perfectly to the respective conditions and the associated needs. This is possible by adjusting the air pressure. In recent years, the still fresh trend has developed into a gigantic market. So today is working continuously on further innovations. Especially for beginners, the Inflatable Board is advisable, because it is easier to get back on board if you have fallen into the water.
In your Surfer-world.com surf shop you can choose and order your matching inflatable - Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) between models of the brands Starboard and BIC as well as JP Australia or also Mistral and Naish