One Part Fixed SUP Paddle

Set Ascending Direction

Set Ascending Direction

Fixed SUP paddle

SUP paddle and SUP board are the two main components of Stand Up Paddling. SUP paddles are available in different designs and shapes. SUP paddles basically consist of a shaft with associated grip and the paddle blade, or the blade, which is either round, oval or skinny cut. The SUP paddle is used to move with the SUP board on the water. In Stand Up Paddling, the SUP paddle is used in a similar way as the paddle when kayaking. Different material properties, as well as the subdivision of the SUP paddles into 1-part, 2-part and 3-part SUP paddles offer the Stand Up Paddling different driving styles and areas of application.

SUP paddle features

1-piece SUP paddles or so-called "fixed" SUP paddles are not adjustable in length. These SUP paddles should therefore be selected according to your own body size. Also important for the correct selection of the SUP paddle: Field of application and your own level of skill in stand up paddling. The ideal SUP paddle should fit under the wrist of the weaker arm by stretching it upwards (without stretching it too much, the wrist should rest loosely on the handle). In addition, the better the individual technique, and the more you paddle from the fuselage, the shorter the SUP paddle may be. A shorter SUP paddle with a relatively high body size naturally also increases the paddle frequency. SUP paddles usually have different degrees of flex. Glass constructions in the stem and paddle blade of the SUP paddle, as well as different high carbon content provide for specific rigidity or flexibility of the SUP paddle. More sturdy and durable SUP paddles are ideal for surfing in the sea, on-shore conditions, white water surfing and race stand up paddling.

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