SUP Sails

Set Ascending Direction

Set Ascending Direction

SUP sail

With the SUP sail you can not only rely on your own power in Stand Up Paddling, but you can also take advantage of the wind. So the SUP sail is designed so that it captures the wind and makes it usable for driving the vehicle. The SUP sails are very similar to windsurfing and are usually made from the same materials. Their design makes them stand out and look like modern colorful artworks on the water. You can simply install the SUP sail on the board.

Inflatable sails

The SUP sail is available as an inflatable sail. It offers the decisive advantage that it can be transported easily and without much space. This pays off especially when traveling. Thus, the inflatable sail can be stowed very easily in the luggage. This allows the sails to accommodate safely and the life is increased. The SUP sail uses lightweight materials. There are now intelligent systems that are always able to make the right angle of attack, so that a setting of the SUP sail according to the wind is possible. Even with rather unfavorable conditions, the utilization of maximum propulsion is possible.

SUP sail types

As with other water sports, Stand Up Paddling also depends on choosing the right sails. Even if the wind conditions are unfavorable and sails are to be used, they must be optimally adjusted, because only then maximum propulsion can be used. Most SUP sails are extremely light. They come to a total weight of less than ten kilograms. At you will find the SUP sail in different versions. So you can choose between different sizes as needed.
Most SUP sails are designed to be easy to control, so they can be used by beginners. Surfer-World builds SUP SEEL's high quality, both in terms of materials and workmanship. The sails can be attached to the furthest or inflatable SUP board via different masts. With the use of the SUP sail, whether as an inflatable or a stable model, you can combine stand up paddling with the possibilities of other water sports.
In your online surf shop you can choose between models of brands such as Mistral and Naish your matching SUP sail and order.