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Who hadn't thought when he wanted to start his vacation or when he wanted to go to the lake on a nice summer day, how do I transport the surfboard now? Or maybe the boards? It was already difficult to find a suitable board they will tell each other and now that! But let's slowly start to find the right bag! It's not that hard!

General information about the Surfbag

Today's surfbags are different from the first brands. At first the covers for the boards were only cloth covers, which kept away the coarsest dirt, but could not absorb Surfboard Bags Shopshocks. The fabric covers were also not water-repellent and could not offer any protection against impact damage. They were and still are very handy and can be put into a small bag after use. However, they are only suitable for journeys and transports which do not present any danger of damage. Further advantages of the cloth covers are not only the easy use, but also the cost frame, which usually moves up to 50 euros, depending on the material. A further deviation for the fabric covers is the weight, which can be ignored in the overall context, as it is so low.

With the heavier, but impact- and tear-resistant acrylic bags, the danger of damage to the board is lower and can be transported better. Especially for light and short surf riders, an acrylic bag or a nylon bag is the best protection and transport option. The price category varies between 100,00 Euro and 400,00 Euro depending on length, width and equipment with additional bags. Depending on the length of the board, the bags usually have two holding and carrying handles on the side. Many bags offer an extra shape to accommodate additional utensils. For example the traction pads, wax or the Leash and the fins and a repair set can be accommodated in it.

The surfer bags are also suitable for transport by plane, coach or private car. The Surferbags give the boards the necessary support and offer additional loops with which the boards can be connected and thus best moored. This means that no tension is created on the boards, which would ultimately lead to damage to the buoyancy and glide on the water of the boards. If the fin holes and the loops on the board are used as a holding point for mooring or fastening to the board, cracks can appear in the body of the board, which ultimately leads to overstressing of the board substance, causing the board to crack and burst. For this reason, the following should be considered in particular for transport: 1. Obtain information from any means of transport, be it airplane, train, private car, rental car or camper van.


Surfboard Bag and different transport modes

Mystic Pro Surf Boardbag

When travelling by plane, please note the following: 1. to which country you are flying and what are the customs regulations. In many countries a surfer bag must exist first because of the flight safety and also be turned over during the flight around the board. During customs clearance it must be ensured that no prohibited substances or prohibited objects, such as a carving knife, which is often present with the repair knives, are hidden in the bag without prior notice. The surfer bags must also be locked with a lock to prevent unauthorized substances from being smuggled into the surfer bag. The weight of the entire surfer bag must also be taken into account in order to avoid an aircraft baggage surcharge. For surfboards, so called foamboards, the length has to be considered and has to be announced in advance.

The length must also be considered when travelling with the 2nd private car and rental car. Because the length can build up due to the travel speed with the transport on the roof with the help of a roof luggage rack an air pressure, which draws a too high weight after itself and can damage so the passenger car or the board. In addition, the board can be lost if the straps cannot withstand the pressure and thus other road users are endangered. This is because the pressure can push the board upwards and tear the belts or break the surfer bag. It is best if boards that are shorter than the windsurf boards are placed in a roof box.

With the roof box the wind pressure can be balanced at the sailing speed and thus the cargo of the surfboard can be secured. For camper vans the same has to be considered as for passenger cars. Also that these are not overloaded with the weight of the boards. As a possible solution for this problem a trailer hitch with corresponding trailers can be used. These trailers are also available as multiple loaders. This multiple loading is usually loadable on both sides and is equipped with two wheels. The superimposed linkage is available in different shapes. The most common trailer shapes are double loading or triple loading.

The double load is divided into two equal load parts by means of the iron rods and compensates the load by means of uniform loading. With the triple trailer, one board is tied on both sides and a third is tied over the two lower boards. In this way the weight load is balanced and the third board is stowed stably. Also here functioning tail lights are very important and the correct mooring of the ropes of the boards. When protruding above the trailer of the boards, a distance marker has to be attached.

In addition to the simple surferbags, which offer space for one board, there are also multiple bags, which can accommodate up to three boards. Here you have to pay attention to the weight and the transportability. If a multiple surfer bag is useful for transportation by plane or train, it can become an uncertainty factor for transportation on the road. As soon as the bag is torn or has cracked, it is also unsuitable for transporting the other boards. This means that a mixture between two systems can ensure better transportability.
A 3rd way of transporting boards is by train. Who rides with the board and the train should make a pre-booking for the board. Because of the size and the unpredictable load of the train, this is the best way to prevent difficulties. The length of the boards and thus the risk of injury to other passengers during transport must be taken into account.

Finally, there is a 4th possibility of boards, which becomes more and more fashionable especially in big cities with fixed waves. That is the transport with the bicycle and a holder as side carrier or a trailer coupling to the luggage carrier rack and thus the same starting position as the transport of the boards by the passenger car. Also the traffic rules have to be observed and the surferbags have to be seen as protection. In contrast to passenger car transport, fabric stall bags are usually used for this purpose and their use is seen as an advantage due to their weight. Since the bicycle is operated with its own power or with a small electric motor, depending on the make, care should be taken before buying the luggage side rack that it does not become too heavy and that the surfer bag does not represent an additional weight load for the cyclist.


Buying a Surboard Bag - A quick guide

When buying surfer bags, you should pay particular attention to weight and stability. The size of the surferbags is always indicated with a feet size. This means that the Mystic Star Stubby Surf Boardbagbuyer not only has to make a conversion, but also has to know the size of the board before buying. In case of doubt, a larger size is advantageous, but you must also warn urgently, if the surfer bag is to be used for transport on a roof rack, that it can lead to a very high air pressure if the bag is too large. This excessive air pressure can then lead to a vacuum that can tear the loops on the roof.

Furthermore, before buying the Surfbag, you should decide how it should be transported and what is the best solution for its use. Depending on the type of use, the use of the surfer bag should be adjusted. Above all, the tear resistance of the handles and the pressure exerted on the handles and loops should be taken into account so that accidents do not occur later and damage can be avoided beforehand.

Basically, it is not only the tear resistance that is important, but also the weight and properties such as water resistance and wind resistance. This allows the buyer to make a selection in advance, which is then placed in the overall context of the sales discussion.


Final words

Packaging boards is a fundamental issue and should not be underestimated. If you take surfing seriously and are committed to sports, you should take care of your baby and this is best done with a surfer bag from our surf accessories shop. In addition, he should think in advance so that uninvolved third parties are not harmed and the damage turns into a disaster. The carefree sport would be impaired by it and nobody wants that! Otherwise have fun and have an accident-free transport! By whatever means of transport!