Leash for Surfboards

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The surfboard leash

Leash is surfing or surfing a tear-resistant line that connects the surfer with his surfboard, thus preventing the loss of the surfboard in a fall in the water. The leash leash, with a plug attached to the surfboard and a simple clasp on the ankle, should be stretchy and flexible in addition to its tear resistance to reduce the sometimes heavy pull on the leg by the weight of the surfboard. Leash Leinen belong beside surfboard, wetsuit, surfboard bag and surfboard wax to the most important surfboard equipment. In our surf shop you will find the right surfboard leash for every surfboard from successful manufacturers like Naish, NP Surf and BIC.

Types of Surfboard Leash

Flexibility and tear resistance are the key features of a highly professional surfboard leash. There are different surfboard leash types, depending on the weight, size and orientation of the surfboard. Competition leash are suitable for light and smaller surfboards, such as shortboards or minimalibu surfboards, which are mainly driven in low waves to head height. Regular leash in all possible color combinations are designed for larger and heavier surfboards, whereas so-called big wave ropes / leash, as the name implies, are designed for extreme wave conditions and corresponding surfboards - from larger wave surfboards to Malibus to surfboards in longboard Shape. The length of the leash depends mainly on the length of the surfboard. The golden rule here is: The surfboard leash should be at most 6 '' longer or shorter than the surfboard is long. So an 8 'surfboard leash is suitable for all surfboards of length 7'6' 'to 8'6' '.

Surfboard Leash at Surferworld

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