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Buying a Surfboard: Choose from 9 different board types!


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What is surfing without a real sail and a real board? Or who hasn't seen the kitesurfing over the water with their big parachutes? The surfers glide on the waves with their short boards and the surfboard leans into the wind and picks up speed! You can find all the materials for this in our Surfboard Online Shop! Our Surfboard Online Shop exists since 2016 and offers everything a surfer's heart desires. The Surfboard Online Shop has something for everyone who has just returned from holiday or has just been to a surf event and has been infected by the fever of surfing!


History of the Surfboard

The surfboard has the same history as the surfers. If the surfer is the successor of the classic surfboard, then the surfboard is the mother of all water sportsmen above and on the waves. If they were invented as a religious form of worship on the Hawaiian islands and carried on into the world, the original form was surfing with a wooden board, which should carry the surfer as artistically as possible over the waves. It was the form to make the sea gods gracious and to pay homage to them. This was to ward off the storms and the devastating forces of nature during the transitional seasons and prevent the worst. This made gliding on the sea waves much more than an ordinary sport or an extraordinary contest. It was in its original form a form of individual expression and proof of personal skill with a spiritual background and a kind of feeling. It was precisely this feeling that was so important in the early days of sport to transport to the new athletes and to take away their fear of the water. For if the earlier origins were traced back to this cultural formation of spirituality, then after the conquest of the islands exactly for these religious reasons this form of physical activity was forbidden and forbidden.

It was almost completely forgotten and only with a tribal son of the natives of Hawaii surfing or rather surfing was made known again. As an Olympic sportsman he was rather a brand bearer, but he became a symbol for surfing and his rediscovery. His name was Duke Paoa Kahanamoku. He took away the fear of surfing from the sports world and brought them closer to Hawaiian culture and heritage. Surfing became popular again in Australia and the South of France. On the Portuguese coast in Nazarée, the biggest surfing competitions take place during the autumn storms. Apart from these already mentioned surf spots, there are only comparable surf conditions in Brazil and Australia. The turbulent sea above and below the waterline is as feared here as it is revered. With its water distortions it is just as unique here as the wave height and ripples.

Its distribution in states close to the sea and with an affinity for the sea was followed by its triumphal march on entire continents. Europe became one of the most successful and interested buyers. Particularly on the North Sea coast, sport was a big hit in modern times. Just as Sylt became an island of celebrities. This is how surfing became established alongside sailing. It was an exciting time when the parents had to decide whether they wanted to give the children a sailing boat course or a surfboard. Because there was still a risk of injury in the room, but this could be reduced more and more - also due to the latest developments and technologies used in the boards.

Everybody's sport without a boring factor


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In 1970 surfing had reached its greatest popularity and was also practised in Germany on inland waterways and more and more swimming schools opened. The insider tip surfing turned into a mass phenomenon and inspired a large part of the population, especially the young.

But the popularity was only short-lived in some regions. Only with the television advertising and the spreading by the media more and more people noticed this kind of sport.

Thus also the popularity rose very strongly and ever more interest was aroused. The sport was also associated with a kind of glamour due to its stylish equipment, which stylized the surfers into role models and brought the sport to a luxury sport in connection with physical activity.

Similar to tennis, the sport became a brand. In modern times, from the 90s onwards, Garrett McNamara was and is the highlight setter. He holds many world records and is a role model for almost all sports beginners and also for "old hands"!

Which surfboard to buy?

These "old hands" know exactly that it depends on the right board and exactly this right selection must be planned in advance and also carefully thought out. There are different sizes, especially lengths and widths. In addition there are different materials and their different care. Prior consultation and thorough information are essential. For this reason you will find detailed descriptions of the individual boards in our Surfboard Online Shop.

A distinction must be made between 3 types of boards:


  1. Minimalibu Surfboards

  2. Fish Surfboards

  3. Shortboard Surfboards

  4. Longboard Surfboards

  5. Malibu Surfboards

  6. Funboard Surfboards

  7. Riverboard Surfboards

  8. Foil Surfboards

  9. Bodyboard Surfboards


The latter have come on the market in the last two years and have nothing in common with the windsurfboard. The Windsurfing boards are increasingly available in inflatable form and have a softer and more vulnerable surface than the windsurfboards and the surfers. They are so-called softboards and are inflated by an air pump before use in the water. They are usually used kneeling or standing. These boards are moved forward with muscle power by paddle and can also be used for yoga courses. In yoga courses, balance exercises are mainly performed on the boards. The first time you are immersed in the exercise of sun salutation on a SUP during the rising morning sun and glide through a calm lake! This is what it would feel like if you chose this individual sport! What a pleasure it is if this exercise was done without tilting the board. The relaxation and peace that lies in this sport and the feeling of complete freedom.

The length of this board is almost uniform. It can vary between "9´8" and "10´8" for adults. Only the colour can really be chosen. In addition, there is the air chamber system, which can be inflated in one piece with this type of board and thus has great stability. It depends above all on the weight of the user and the load, which the board is to endure on the water. Depending on the weight the length of the board is calculated. Small hooks and loops decorate the edge of the board and can also be used for practical bathing fun.

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A uniform carrier bag is used to transport the board in an empty state and can be used for dry and accident-free storage. The use set consists of an air pump, a paddle and in most cases a repair set. Often the repair is necessary because of a crack in the outer shell, if you were too careless or if the little ones were too busy and dragged the board over rolling chippings. But also the repair can be done quickly by an experienced cyclist.

But this is not advisable, because most dangers lurk here. Today's foam boards still have a wooden core to increase the stability of the board. The significant single fin at the end of the surfboard increases the board's steering ability and ensures stability when cornering. The sails have different cuts for different wind speeds. The different weight classes of the surfers are also taken into account when purchasing the board. For this there are different dimensions, which are decisive for the load capacity of the boards. The best protection for the board is a surfbag, which can ward off the biggest impacts and damages on the outer hull. The second board type is the surfboard, which is ridden with fin, sail and mast. With the help of wind power the board is ridden over the water. The direction is controlled by the equilibrium shift and the sail takes over the speed control. The more the wind blows into the sail, the more the board picks up speed. Depending on whether the surfer is in LEE or LUV, the faster the board gets. As soon as the sail is leaned against the windward side, the so-called LEE, the speed decreases and as soon as the sail is set against the windward side, the so-called LUV, the board accelerates. Experienced surfers can surf in stormy weather and on the sea.

The third type of boards are the surfboards, known as shortboards and softboards. They are called short boards because they have a shorter board length than long boards. Also the form is only conditionally an oval curve. In some cases the rear tip has given way to a straight edge and thus has a greater braking force when weight is shifted. Contrary to the Surfboard and the SUP, the surfer glides on the wave only by the wave power without physical force, after gliding into the water current. Mostly the rider glides over the waves while standing on the board in a forward position supported by his arms. The Surfbag can protect the sensitive material of the board and can also prevent shock damage, as with the other two board types.

Words at the end

The most important thing is that in addition to the fun, your own safety is not neglected in the sport. We wish you an accident-free and relaxed time with our equipment! Have a good time on the water and explore in peace all the different forms of water sports!