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Surfboard Fish

For some types of surfboards categorization is not easy, especially if the shape and length of the surfboards are very similar. Malibu surfboards now and then have only a few centimeters of difference in length compared to a minimalibu surfboard. These surfboards, in turn, are often very similar to slightly longer short and fun boards. However, the different surfboard shapes vary significantly in their buoyancy, stability, speed and maneuverability, which they give to the respective surfboard. The so-called fish-surfboards is a special surfboard model, which visually differs from the other surfboard types by its "fish-tail". In general, there are two golden rules to consider when choosing a suitable surfboard: the thicker a surfboard, the more lift it has. The higher the body weight of the surfer, the thicker the surfboard should be.

Special features of the fish boards

The fish is a surfboard for smaller waves. Surfboards in the fish shape are usually between 5'5 '' and 6'4 '' long and have a special surfboard tail, which is also called Swallow-Tail. Fish surfboards have fewer rockers than classic surfboards, such as a Malibu surfboard or a minimalibu. Increased volume and the fast-acting, agile swallow tail of these surfboards ensure fast turns and a stable ride of the surfboard even in medium waves to head height when you drive the fish with correspondingly large surfboard fins. In recent years, the Fish has become an increasingly popular surfboard especially for advanced surfers with a lot of experience in small and medium waves who appreciate a high level of buoyancy in a lively, fast-surfing surfboard.

Fish Surfboard Variations

In our online surf shop you will find in addition to the popular fish surfboards of the brands Buster, BIC, Earth, Starboard and Naish also slightly modified models such as Retro Fish Surfboards, which are characterized by an extremely high wave yield or so-called Performance Fish Surfboards, which with significant more rockers are equipped. These surfboards are altogether narrower, thinner and longer cut. At, your surfboard shop, we present you the following brand of surfboards: Starboard, Buster, BIC and NSP or NoveNove, BIC or Earth or Naish and Light selector.