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Set Ascending Direction

Set Ascending Direction

The fun surfboard

Different styles and surfboard shapes affect the surfboard and wave behavior of the surfboard. While surf beginners prefer Malibu surfboards and minimalibu surfboards for their maneuverability and buoyancy, longboards on the one hand stand for skilful cruising, shortboards and fish surfboards on the shorter side for dynamics and radical freestyle. Between Malibu surfboards and the even shorter surfboards are the so-called Funboards (Evolution / Hybrid Surfboard) located. These surfboards are ideal for big and heavy surfers who want a high wave output without the hassle of paddling, and who want to jib a weaker wave with their surfboard even in less than perfect conditions.

Features of the funboards

A funboard is about 6'8 "to 7'6" long, 21-22 "wide and 2½" to 3½ "thick. This surfboard type is a smaller version of the longboard in shape and is also affectionately called "mini tanker". The Funboard is suitable for Malibu drivers as an interim solution, before it goes a category shorter in the field of shortboards and fish surfboards. Influences of the shortboards can be seen in this surfboard version in the tapered nose and the wide rocker of the surfboard, which facilitate the pushing and turning of the surfboard in the wave. Especially popular in our surf shop are the Gerry Lopez Funboards by Naish. These surfboards feature a slightly fuller nose to maximize paddling power, grippy surfboard edges, and an excellent bottom rocker that keeps the surfboard agile, agile, and controllable in changing conditions.

Funboards and surfboard accessories

In addition to the funboards developed by Gerry Lopez surfboard manufacturer Naish, the funboards of other brands such as Buster, BIC, Earth and Starboard convince with their hybrid properties. Medium surfboard lengths and high volume of these surfboards guarantee fast learning and an unbeatable wave yield. We always have the perfect funboard with you in the online surfboard shop of the brands Starboard, Buster, BIC and NSP or NoveNove BIC or Earth or Naish and Light ready.