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Surfboard Longboard

Choosing the right surfboard for surfing is crucial and involves different factors such as the characteristics of the wave to be surfed with the surfboard and the characteristics of the surfers, the surf experience with different surfboards, training levels, skills and motivation , In our surf shop you will find a variety of different surfboards, which differ in shape and construction from each other. Surfboard manufacturers such as Buster, Starboard, BIC, Earth and Naish produce surfboards for beginners, advanced and professionals, as well as stable and skill-enhancing surfboards for kids. In the production, the surfboard manufacturers work with materials such as epoxy and fiberglass, polycarbonate and rigid foam, also used in the production of classic wood surfboards, basal woods.

Properties of longboards

Surfboards in the longboard version are about 9 to 10 feet long, 22 inches wide and 3-4 inches thick. As an original version of modern surfboards they are particularly suitable for cruising in shallow, slowly rising waves. These surfboards offer a very high lift compared to shorter surfboards like Malibu surfboards or shortboards. Longboards have a very high volume, carry riders with greater weight and reach quite high speeds, unlike other surfboards. When driving these surfboards, it's all about the change of position on the surfboard and on harmonious, solid turns in the wave. However, surfboards in the longboard design are less suitable for beginners. Length of the surfboards and increased volume are at the expense of maneuverability and response in the turns. Even for experienced surfers cruising with a surfboard of this length is not a matter of course. Beginners should therefore venture on Malibu surfboards or, depending on body weight, on minimal bus their first surfing attempts.

Longboards at Surferworld

On the pages of our online surf shop you will find an exquisite selection of surfboards from the longboard range of Buster, Naish, Starboard, BIC and Earth. In addition, we offer you any surfboard accessories of the top manufacturers. From different surfboard waxes to surfboard bags and leash, to repair kits and merchandise, our surf shop is just the place to live out your shopping spree. Guaranteed you will find in your Surfboard Shop Surfer-world.com your suitable board of the famous surfboard manufacturers: Starboard, Buster, BIC and NSP or NoveNove BIC or Earth or Naish and Light selector.