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Surfboard Malibu

The great surfboard manufacturers Naish, Starboard, BIC, Earth SUP and, more recently, Buster are represented in our surf shop with their complete, up-to-date surfboard range. In addition to a huge selection of surfboard accessories such as leash, repair kits, surfboard bags, surfboard wax and a gigantic selection of neoprene clothing and accessories, you will find on the pages of our surf shops different types of construction and surfboard types, according to taste and preferences , ideally suited to all skill levels from beginners to professional surfers. Be inspired by the Naish Malibu surfboards or try out the ultra-performance design of the Gerry Lopez fun and shortboards. And if you want to cruise on slow, gradually building waves with a surfboard from the longboard range, then you will find here the ideal companion.

Properties of the Malibu boards

Malibu Surfboards are real Wavecatcher and offer besides a high wave yield lots of fun in medium waves and Big Waves. These surfboards are very similar in shape to the slightly smaller Minimalibu surfboards and the longer longboards: rounded, wide nose and a relatively high volume provide stability on the surfboard, extremely good sliding properties and paddling progress, in addition, they are forgiving with the best Surfboard performance in the wave. Malibu surfboards are often used interchangeably with longboard surfboards. As for the actual length of the Malibu boards, which may serve as a guide to distinguish longboards from shorter Minimibu surfboards, the figure is about 8 feet or more. Malibu surfboards are less suitable for beginners than the minimal bus, as these surfboards are slightly more agile on average, with similar good gliding properties.

Malibu boards and minimalibu boards

The difference between Malibu boards and minimalibu boards is small and basically just the length of the surfboard. Both surfboard types have a high volume and provide the best buoyancy, easy paddling and forgiving, stable performance while surfing. The surfboard manufacturers Naish, Starboard, Earth, BIC and Buster offer you on the pages of our surf shop their complete surfboard selection, and provide you with all the information you need for the purchase of your individual, tailored to your own needs surfboards. For this we consider the surfboards from the house: Starboard, Buster, BIC and NSP or NoveNove BIC or Earth or Naish and Light always ready.