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There are different surfboard types and shapes, which fulfill different requirements depending on driving style and skill level. In our surf shop we have a huge range of surfboards from the surfboards manufacturers Buster, Starboard, BIC, Naish and Earth Surf ready to offer both beginners and professionals an excellent surfboard selection. In addition to retro surfboards as longboards or classic shortboards, surfboards from the categories Fish, Funboard, as well as Malibu and Minimalibu surfboards are also available on the pages of our surf shop. Whether for use on the beach or for surfing on natural and artificial, standing waves - with us you are guaranteed to find a surfboard with individually tailored features that perfectly fits your needs.

Properties of the Minimalibu boards

Minimalibu surfboards are in the typical 7 foot range and are differentiated from the slightly longer Malibu surfboards. The minimalibu surfboards have a round nose and a slight rocker shape, their surfboard shape is similar to the longboards, but is dimensioned much smaller overall. Minimalibu surfboards glide through increased volume and offer a great deal of stability. Compared to shorter surfboards such as shortboards, the minimal buses are a bit sluggish in driving behavior and require more effort when maneuvering and in the turns. Minimalibu surfboards from surfboard manufacturers BIC, Starboard, Earth SUP, Naish and Buster are the perfect surfboards for beginners as they offer best-in-class performance, ideal balance between stability and weight, and - although more difficult to turn than shorter ones Surfboards - work consistently in learning the rotational movement and shifting weight in the curves.

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In addition to rich and innovative offerings in the field of surfboards and surfboard accessories, in our surf shop we attach great importance to effective, protective neoprene clothing of the successful manufacturers ProLimit, XCEL, NP Surf and Cabrinha. No matter if you are a beginner or have been on a surfboard for a long time - you will find a suitable surfboard and the right neoprene outfit for different temperatures, terrains and weather conditions. In your surfboard online shop of we present the surfboard brands: Starboard, Buster, BIC and NSP or NoveNove BIC or Earth or Naish and Light. Of course only excellent quality for you with us free shipping ..