Set Ascending Direction

Set Ascending Direction

The shortboard

Surfboards are available in different lengths and shapes. The shape of the respective surfboard decides significantly on the characteristics of the surfboard in the wave, the buoyancy of the surfboard, speed and maneuverability. In our surf shop you will find a great selection of shortboards of the surfboard manufacturers, NoveNove, NSP, Buster, Naish, Starboard, BIC, Earth, among other shapes and construction methods. A typical shortboard is about 5'8 "-6'8" long and has a square, round, or swallow tail. The goal when surfing with a shortboard is radical maneuvers, freestyle tricks, the barrell surfing and aerials. These surfboards are lighter and more voluminous than other types of surfboards and have to be pushed and repositioned in the wave again and again - in contrast to the unwavering ripping off of the waves on a longboard. Shortboards are suitable for advanced surfers and pros who master ducking and have not been on their surfboards since yesterday.

Production and peculiarities of the shortboards

Surfboard manufacturers such as Starboard, Naish, BIC, Earth and Buster make their shapes in the shortboard area with the aim of guaranteeing excellent freestyle performance and maneuverability of their surfboards. Epoxy sandwich surfboards with a wood or composite core provide durability, quick and easy buoyancy and an ideal surfboard weight. In the tail area of these surfboards, the Swallow-Tail is the most manoeuvrable and most radical variant, though it must be said that most Square and Roundtails on the Naish, Starboard and Buster surfboards also provide excellent control and torque for tacky turns drive and at the take-off on the wave crest always the best time to catch. The push is a key element in driving this surfboard shape through optimization of weight, excellent gliding and the pointed nose with the big rocker shape.

Shortboards at Surferworld

The purchase of a shortboard in our surf shop will be made easier for you by simple navigation and individual, important information on individual surfboards and surfboard shapes. Surfboard manufacturers such as Naish, Starboard, BIC, Earth and, more recently, Buster also offer the following equipment on the pages of our surf shop, in addition to a generous selection of shortboards, including Sufboard leash, surfboard bags and the best, most powerful surfboards. Finns. At you will find high-quality and well-known surfers of the brands: Starboard, Buster, BIC as well as NSP or NoveNove BIC or Earth or Naish and Light selector.