Set Ascending Direction

Set Ascending Direction

The wakeboard

The wakeboard is the most important part of wakeboarding. It is strapped to the feet via the wakeboard binding and serves to glide over the water. Depending on the area of application, there are different types of construction, so-called wakeboard shapes and types of wakeboards. The driver stands sideways on the wakeboard. Through targeted pressure build-up and sufficient upward pull of the system, you can reach amazing heights with the wakeboard, which gives you time for twists, graps and other tricks. About so-called obstacles, artificial buttocks in the water, is also driven with the wakeboard.

Features wakeboard

The most important feature of the wakeboard is the rocker, the shape and the channels as well as the design of the fins. Rocker is the bend of the wakeboard. Wakeboards with Continuous Rocker are great for carving and go soft and build up a good pop. 3-stage rockers are called wakeboards, which are angled at both ends. Depending on the type of ride and ability, you can use the appropriate shape here. Different shapes also mean different properties of the board. Wakeboards are usually between 111 and 147 cm long and between 38 and 50cm wide. Shannels in the board's longitudinal axis cause a targeted discharge of water at the bottom of the board. This also has an effect on the driving behavior and especially on the behavior of the wakeboard in the landing. The size of the Finns, the design of the Finns and, above all, whether one drives with Finns is a matter of taste. A wakeboard without fins, is very revving compared to a wakeboard with Finns, but not as spurreu as with Finns.

Construction wakeboard

As in most sports, we have always evolved and experimented with the wakeboard. Not only by changing the design of the wakeboard, but also by using different materials to achieve new and improved features of the wakeboard. Most of the wakeboards are made of a wooden core wrapped with glass vessel tissue, soaked in resin. The targeted use of carbon is also used in the production of wakeboards. Since the boards are to have more flexibility towards the ends, it is achieved here by targeted and selective material savings. Different types of wood in the wakeboard's core support the continuous flexibility in the wakeboard.
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