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Buy the right Windsurf Board


Windsurfing is a sport that has developed from surfing. The windsurfing board has a sail, unlike the ordinary surfboard. The windsurf sail is used to make paddling with the hands obsolete and at the same time to reach high speeds in flat water and waves. Therefore there is a windsurf mast attached to the windsurf board, which is on the one hand flexible and on the other hand made of light plastic to save weight. This allows not only higher speeds but also a better buoyancy of the windsurf board.

As with ordinary surfing, it is also common in windsurfing that there are different windsurf boards for different levels of experience. At the same time, windsurfing boards are adapted to the environmental conditions as well as the surfer's style. Here it is possible to distinguish between the swell and wind force on the one hand and tricks or speed on the other hand. In order to meet all these requirements, the Windsurfboard Shop therefore offers a wide range of windsurf boards and other utensils. So before you can buy a windsurfing board, you have to be aware of how experienced you are and what kind of swell and wind force you can expect.

Our shop offers the following types of Windsurf Boards:

  1. Beginner & Intermediate Windsurf boards
  2. Allround Windsurf boards
  3. Wave Windsurf boards
  4. Slalom Windsurf boards
  5. Freeride Windsurf boards
  6. Freestyle Windsurf boards
  7. Race Windsurf boards
  8. Lightwind Windsurf boards
  9. Foil Windsurf boards
  10. Windsurf boards for children

Buy a Windsurf Board for Beginners and Children - a Guide

Windsurf BoardBuying a windsurfing boardBasically, the type of windsurfing board is influenced by several things. Besides weight, length and width, volume is the most important factor. It is given in litres and describes the buoyancy of the windsurfing board. If you start windsurfing, you need a beginner's board, which on the one hand guarantees easy handling and on the other hand minimizes the risk of accidents.

These boards have a wider construction and a higher volume. Due to the wider construction and the higher volume, the beginner is able to stand safely and the risk of tipping over is minimized. Especially the wider construction provides a higher friction between windsurfing board and water, which is at the expense of speed, but this aspect should be secondary when learning this demanding sport. In order to prevent unpleasant accidents, every beginner should therefore first gain some experience on a beginner board before venturing out on the water with boards for advanced surfers.

Of course you can't start windsurfing (almost) early enough, which is why special windsurfing boards for children have been developed in the meantime. In the end, the same characteristics are used here as with the boards for beginners: The boards are relatively wide and therefore quite stable to handle. At the same time they are shorter and have a lower weight to take into account the lower physical strength of a child. Furthermore, the lower height of the mast and the smaller sail prevent too high speeds, which would make it impossible for the child to control the windsurfing board.




Windsurf Board Shop for beginners, advanced and pros

Even if you are already beyond the status of a beginner, you can choose the right board for you in the windsurf board shop. The construction methods are especially Windsurf Board Shopdesigned for windsurfing boards in different environmental conditions. Waveboards are best suited for strong waves, as they have a relatively round bottom curve and short fins. Thus the waves can be ridden optimally.

In flat water, on the other hand, freeride or freestyle boards are particularly suitable, whereby the former are more likely to be used in low or medium winds. Freerideboards have a relatively wide tail and long and fairly straight fins. Especially because of the wide tail and the high volume, freerideboards are used by many beginners in this sport to develop a feeling for the windsurfing board.

Freestyle boards, on the other hand, have short fins with strong curvature. They are characterized above all by their slightly higher speed compared to wave boards and are relatively agile even in waves. A freestyle board is used for tricks, loops and impressive jumps and is therefore not a board for beginners, but should be considered by ambitious water sportsmen with experience.

Raceboards on the other hand are especially designed for speed. They are quite light and narrow. Here definitely no tricks or elaborate maneuvers are in the foreground, but high speeds. Because the weight of the surfer is in the rear part of the board, the front part of the board hangs in the air and therefore causes hardly any friction. Raceboards should definitely be reserved for professionals because of the high speed that can be achieved with them.

Buy windsurf board accessories in our windsurf board shop

No matter which board you decide on, every windsurfing board needs accessories. Starting of course with the sail, which is the basic component, but can usually be replaced without any problems. To attach the sail to the mast a boom is needed and also a harness to relieve the arm muscles. If you want to get more out of your windsurf board, you can tune it with the help of better fins to achieve higher speeds or better manoeuvrability.

Furthermore, a windsurf board also needs care. A windsurf board bag promises the appropriate protection, whereas putty repair or anti-slip varnish gives the windsurf board the necessary treatment and ensures durability. At the same time a windsurf board needs to be waxed.

Also spare parts and other accessories like trim hooks or mast foot extensions are available in the windsurf board shop. It is worthwhile to browse a bit in the shop, especially in the area of maintenance or other accessories, because a well treated windsurf board can easily last for ten to fifteen years.