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Are you looking for the perfect all-round windsurfing board for your individual needs? Then our windsurfing shop is the right place for you, because here you will find the best models from top manufacturers, which guarantee a high durability and will certainly give you a lot of pleasure. An allround windsurf board is a surfboard that is suitable for freestyle windsurfing, freeride as well as freemoves.

It is therefore a board with the greatest possible range of use. Another advantage of an allround windsurfing board is that it doesn't matter if you are a beginner or advanced surfer or if you are in waters with smaller waves or bigger waves. With an Allround Windsurfboard almost everything is possible. If you find yourself in this category of surfing, then such a board is definitely the right one for you! What to consider when buying an Allround Windsurfing Board and which surfboard suits your needs and demands best, you can find out here.

The Characteristics of the Allround Windsurf Boards

So-called allround windsurfing boards have the following characteristics: The surfboards are basically neither straight nor extremely strongly curved, in order to guarantee Allround Windsurfboard Shopthe Fanatic Grip TE Allround Windsurfboard 2020Rotation in sharp turns and good gliding characteristics to the same extent.

Of course, the ideal volume of the Allround Windsurfboard depends on skill and body weight. However, on average they have a volume between 65 and 150 litres.

In order to choose the right board, you should consider the areas you are riding in and the conditions, such as strong waves or moderate wind.

Smaller boards are less stable and have less lift, whereas a bigger allround windsurfing board is easy to control even at high speed.

Allround Windsurfing Board - a true all-rounder

Choosing the right surfboard is really anything but easy with the large selection. If you choose the wrong board, surfing can be really frustrating. While beginners should ideally choose a longboard or Malibu surfboard, a shortboard is better for professionals who want to ride legendary waves.

Freeride or Freemove? If your surfing is more about cruising over smooth water and speed duels with your friends, then you should rather choose a surfboard with a flatter bottom curve, because this allows you to plane the board early, jibes and speeds are easy and you can also ride upwind.

Compared to freemove boards you should rather choose a surfboard with a wide tail and accordingly longer and straighter fins for freeriding. But which board do you choose if you want to surf versatile? Allround windsurfing boards are simply the best choice. With such a surfboard, fun is definitely guaranteed, no matter what windsurfing level, wind conditions or waves.

Top Brands in our Allround Windsurf Board Shop

Allround Windsurf Board buy onlineIn our online windsurfing shop you will find countless allround windsurfing board models, whereby the trend is mainly towards more compact and agile boards. After all, you probably want to manoeuvre your board skilfully, as well as being able to control it well in jumps and flat tricks.

In our offer you will find only high quality all-round windsurf boards from well-known brands like Naish, JP Australia, Starboard, BIC and Mistral.

As far as the material properties are concerned, the windsurf boards should provide an aerodynamic feeling that guarantees you unlimited fun.

Even if you won't take off directly into the stratosphere with our surfboards, you can rely on high quality materials such as Kevlar, carbon and carbon fiber, which promise a unique performance. In our online surfer shop you can also find high quality wetsuits, fashion and surf accessories.

From mast feet, foot straps, to bags and protectors, we also offer repair kits, with which small damages can be repaired very quickly.

Buy an Allround Windsurfing Boar and enjoy the versatility

You want to buy an allround windsurfing board? Then our offer will surely inspire you. At we offer various models, such as the Fanatic Grip XS Windsurfboard 2020, which is extremely versatile and has several fin options.

But also the Severne Nano 2 Thruster & Quad Windsurfboard 2020 is a real allrounder, which has a lot of stability on inland waters as well as in really good waves and also has great acceleration characteristics.

The best thing to do is to let yourself be convinced by our versatile offer and decide for the all-round windsurf board that suits you best. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service at any time.

Our staff will be happy to advise you at any time. From a purchase of 60€ (DE) we even deliver your new surf equipment to your home free of charge.