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Windsurfing board for kids


If the child can swim safely and a rig suitable for children can be pulled out of the water without much effort, then windsurfing can begin. Basically, children can start windsurfing from 6-8 years of age. While a wrong windsurfing board can quickly lead to frustration and tears, windsurfing becomes child's play with the right equipment and the right kids windsurfing set.

Children's windsurfing boards should not be too narrow and wobbly, but should have a high degree of stability and controllability in order to guarantee the little ones the necessary safety while windsurfing. But also the rest of the equipment, like sail and boom should have the appropriate size and diameter to be able to be ridden by children with normal effort. You are looking for windsurfing kids boards? Then our windsurf shop is the right place for you.

Learning windsurfing with the right equipment is easy for children

The wrong board or wrong instructions can lead not only adults to give up, but also children. All too often you see windsurfing parents putting their 7-year-olds on their own board and giving them instructions during their holidays without knowing that children learn in a completely different way and also have a much shorter attention and motivation span than adults. If the wrong equipment is used, the first surfing attempts often end in a sea of tears. A professional windsurfing course for kids really makes a lot of sense, because kids love to learn together with their peers and there are also special windsurfing kids boards available in the course. Once you have completed your first windsurfing course, it makes sense to buy the right kids windsurfing set!

Choose the right kids windsurfing board

Beginners children's windsurf boards should have a wide shape, tilt stability and a minimum volume of 140 to 200 litres, depending on the size and weight of the child. For additional stability and control, children's windsurf boards are generally equipped with a long daggerboard. Many recognized windsurfing brands have recognized the special requirements of children and offer corresponding windsurfing kids boards. For example, children's windsurf boards from JP Australia, Naish, Starboard, BIC and Mistral are available in either ASA or AST construction to further increase the strength and durability of the windsurfing board. Furthermore, the obligatory EVE Deck, a foam rubber-like layer on children's windsurf boards, protects against possible injuries and provides additional stability and support. The distances between the footstraps are adjusted to small dimensions on special windsurf kids boards. To help kids turn the windsurf board more easily, a small fin (12-20cm) is recommended and for easier crossing a center fin or daggerboard.

Windsurfing children with small sails for adults: These adaptations make sense

Depending on their ability and physical constitution, children from the age of 12 can also continue to practice with smaller sails for adults. In this case, however, it is absolutely necessary to use a thin and short mast with a fork of small diameter to make it easier for children to grab. For children windsurfing it is also highly recommended to remove one or two sail battens to reduce the tension and make the sail lighter. It also makes the sail more charged. If you are looking for a suitable kids windsurfing set, you can use the following sail sizes:

  • >6 years: 1-1,5qm
  • 6-7 years: 1,5-2,0qm
  • 8-11 years: 2,5-3,5qm
  • 11-14 years: 3,0-4,5qm

Windsurfing Kids Boards and Kids Surf Articles at

Beside high quality windsurfing kids boards and kids windsurf sets we offer many other kids articles, which will make beginners and aspiring freestyle champions enthusiastic. The brands we represent, such as JP Australia, Naish, Starboard, BIC and Mistral, invest a large proportion of their profits in researching new technologies and construction methods, which in the kids' sector are primarily oriented towards the criteria of safety, comfort and performance. Windsurfing boards for kids are therefore especially designed for the low weight and the still developing motor skills of the little ones, which is why it is so important to let children learn windsurfing on a special windsurfing board for kids. This way the kids have fun, are eager to learn and motivated and don't have to struggle with a much too heavy equipment. Besides windsurfing kids boards we also offer high quality windsurfing boards for adults, from allround windsurfing boards, wave, slalom, freeride and freestyle windsurfing boards to lightwind and foil windsurfing boards. From a purchase of 60€ we deliver your new kids windsurf set to your home free of charge.