Windsurf Boards for Children

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Kids windsurfing boards

In order to give children fun windsurfing, it is extremely important to equip them with suitable windsurfing equipment. Often, even smaller adult sails are too big and the material too heavy, especially for beginners and when performing the first schotstarts. Children's boards should not be too narrow and not too wobbly, but have a high degree of stability and controllability to provide the kids with the necessary safety in windsurfing. The rest of the equipment such as the boom should have the appropriate size and diameter to be driven by the children with normal force.

Tips for Choosing the Kids Board

Children's beginner boards should be wide and stable, with a minimum volume of 140 to 200 liters, depending on the size and weight of the child. Child-friendly windsurf boards are usually equipped with a long sword for extra stability and control. Brands such as JP Australia, Naish, Starboard, BIC and Mistral provide either ASA or AST construction to increase board durability and durability. The obligatory EVA deck on the top side of the Kids Boards, a moss-rubber-like layer that also serves as protection against material damage, protects against injury and provides extra support and a secure footing on the board.

Kids Boards at

In addition to freestyle, freeride, wave, race and lightwind boards, we provide you with a comprehensive range of kids' items in our surf shop, which ensure enthusiasm for beginners and up-and-coming freestyle champions. The brands we represent, such as JP Australia, Naish, Starboard, BIC and Mistral, are investing a high proportion of their profits in researching new technologies and construction methods that are primarily oriented towards safety, comfort and performance in the kids' area. Windsurfing boards for children are therefore particularly adapted to the low weight and the developing motor skills of the little ones. In addition to the models of the current season, there are also repeatedly reduced windsurfing equipment from previous years in our shop. In your SUP - Kite - Wake - Surf - Neoprene - online shop you can between models of brands such as Unifiber and Starboard or Buster and Ronix ProLimit or NP Surf plus NeilPryde to Naish and Mistral as well Matunas Surfwax course also JP Australia or Imagine and Earth Surf also Ding All else Cabrinha continue to select and order BIC Earth SUP and finally XCEL your suitable Windsurf or Kitesurf and Stand Up Paddling or Wakebaord Equiopment.