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Freestyle windsurfboard

Freestyle is the premier windsurfing discipline and requires a strong, versatile equipment that assists the surfer in radical turns, jumps and tricks in a variety of conditions. In addition to high-quality freestyle sailing, the manufacturers Naish, JP Australia, Starboard, BIC and Mistral also offer freestyle boards that are highly capable of turning and have volumes of 80 to 120 liters. Freestyle boards, with their fast lift and fast maneuverability, are ideal for easy jibbing and easy jumping in shallow water, as well as for high jumps and rotations in high winds in medium waves and big waves.

Features of the freestyle boards

For high jumps and a decent amount of pop, most freestyle boards of the brands JP Australia, Naish, Starboard, Mistral and BIC are responsible for the extra tail volume. It ensures that the freestyle board gets more lift while driving and supports the initiation of spins in the waves. In addition, the fast rocker line, double concave in the lower hull and an overall rather short and wide-ranging freestyle shape for lightning-fast planing and the necessary agility carve and jibe. Sportiness and quick response make for an electrifying freestyle feeling.

Freestyle boards at

Most freestyle boards of the Naish, JP Australia, Starboard, BIC and Mistral brands cover a wide wind range, as do the freeride and all-around models. They behave very lively and fast in the light wind and extremely stable and controllable in stronger winds in shallow water as well as waves and chop. In our Kiteshop you will find a large selection of freestyle boards for beginners, advanced and for windsurfing at competitive level. In your SUP - Kite - Wake - Surf - Neoprene - online shop you can between models of brands such as Unifiber and Starboard or Buster and Ronix ProLimit or NP Surf plus NeilPryde to Naish and Mistral as well Matunas Surfwax course also JP Australia or Imagine and Earth Surf also Ding All else Cabrinha continue to select and order BIC Earth SUP and finally XCEL your suitable Windsurf or Kitesurf and Stand Up Paddling or Wakebaord Equiopment.