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Freestyle Windsurf Boards

Freestyle Windsurf Boards


You find straight-ahead driving boring and would rather fly around in the air and perform demanding manoeuvres? Then a freestyle windsurfing board is just the right thing for you. These special boards are especially designed for extreme manoeuvres, but are still quite easy to ride. Therefore they are not only suitable for pros and advanced surfers, but also for sportive intermediates. Freestyle is the supreme discipline in windsurfing and the basic requirement to become successful in this surf sport is resilient and versatile equipment that supports you in the best possible way in radical turns, tricks and jumps under the most diverse conditions.

Freestyle windsurfing: The most dynamic discipline in windsurfing

Freestyle was introduced to competitive surfing in 1998 and has become one of the most popular surf sports over the years. In Freestyle windsurfing, surfers prove Freestyle Windsurf Boardsthemselves with dynamic manoeuvres and tricks, very similar to skateboarding, but on rather calmer waters, such as inland lakes.

The most popular freestyle manoeuvres include Chop Hop, Backwind Jibe, Speedloop, Slam Jibe, 360 and the Willy Skipper. So freestyle means doing tricks, loops, slides and other challenging jumps on flat water.

If you find yourself in this category or want to get into freestyle windsurfing, then you should definitely consider a freestyle windsurfing board.

If you want to buy a freestyle windsurfing board, it is important to know about the characteristics and specifics of these boards, so that you can choose a windsurfing board that perfectly fits your personal needs.

The features and characteristics of freestyle windsurf boards

Freestyle windsurfing boards have a volume of 80 to 120 litres and are characterised by a high turning ability and extremely fast manoeuvrability. Freestyle windsurf boards are optimized for loose jibbing and easy jumps in flat water, as well as for high jumps and rotations in strong winds in medium and big waves.

If you want to buy a freestyle windsurfing board, you should choose very short fins (6-21cm) that support sliding. For extra high jumps and a good amount of pop, most of our top brand models offer extra tail volume. This ensures that the Freestlye windsurfing board gets more lift during the ride and also supports the introduction of spins in the waves.

A fast rocker line, double concave in the underbody and a generally shorter and wider shape ensure lightning fast planing and the necessary agility when jibing and carving. The footstrap positions are located far inside and in front, so that you can stand far above the center of the board and perform demanding maneuvers, turns and tricks.

Top Freestyle windsurf board brands in our Freestyle Windsurf Board Shop

Top Freestyle windsurf boardIn our Freestyle Windsurfboard Shop you will find only surfboards with the highest quality standards. In our offer we have a wide range of freestyle windsurf boards from world famous brands like Naish, JP Australia, Starboard, BIC and Mistral.

Especially if you want to buy your first freestyle windsurfing board, it is important to invest your money in a board that offers you the best possible support for your personal needs and plans, so that you are guaranteed top performance.

Most freestyle boards of our brands cover a wide wind range. They behave extremely lively and agile in light winds, but are also easy to control in stronger winds in flat water, as well as in waves and chop, and offer you the necessary stability.

Freestyle windsurfing with the right freestyle windsurfing board can be incredibly fun whether you are a beginner, intermediate or professional.

High quality freestyle boards at Surfer-world.com

Of many surfers it is the dream of becoming a freestyler. The way from the first surf course to a professional competition freestyle surfer is long and requires a lot of practice and training, but it is possible for everyone. Basically, freestyling can be learned everywhere, no matter if on Bonaire in smooth water or next door on the dredge hole.

Especially beginners will probably spend more time in the water than on the water in the beginning, but every maneuver is possible with enough practice and the right freestyle windsurfing board. The only enemy when learning a new jump or turn is often just fear.

But also the wrong windsurfing board can quickly lead to giving up. In our Freestyle Windsurfboard Shops you will definitely find the right model for you. You are also welcome to get advice from our team or try out some models in a surf school to decide which windsurf board is right for you.

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In our online surf shop you will find top freestyle windsurf boards as well as other windsurf boards, wakeboards, kites and SUPS. Of course we also offer casual surf fashion for men and women, such as bikinis, shorts, sweaters, jackets, flip-flops and shirts.

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