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Race Windsurf Boards

Race Windsurfing boards


Speed is just a number for many people - but when it approaches 100km/h in race windsurfing, it is really unbelievable. Antoine Albeau is the fastest windsurfer in the world with 53.27 knots in Namibia, but he is by far not the only surfer who is in race fever. Do you love to chase your personal records, speed duel with your friends, be the first to cross the finish line in competitions or just speed as a hobby? Then you are definitely well advised with a race windsurf board. Besides the right location, strong winds and skills, a real race windsurfing board is a basic requirement to reach top speeds in windsurfing. If you are less interested in cool tricks and demanding manoeuvres and more in speed, then you should definitely buy a race windsurfing board.

The different types of Race Windsurf Boards

The category Race Windsurfboards is very diverse, so it is not easy to choose the right Race Windsurfboard. In our offer you can find for example speedboards or also Race Windsurfboard shopcalled Needles, which are especially designed for surf pros.

Speed Race Windsurfing boards are absolute competition devices that reach maximum top speeds. Furthermore, there are so-called crossover boards or also called freecarve boards, which are suitable for professionals as well as for advanced surfers.

These kind of race windsurf boards are especially designed for SuperX competitions, a discipline that combines slalom with freestyle. Crossoverboards are race windsurf boards that combine the versatility of flat water windsurfing and tricks with high-speed action.

In our offer you will of course also find slalom boards, which are suitable for slalom competitions as well as for surfers who simply want to be fast on the water. In order to choose the right Race Windsurf board, it is very important to consider your skill level and your demands when buying a board.

Features and characteristics of Race Windsurf boards

Race windsurf boards are optimized for speed and acceleration with very flat bottom curves. Race boards are also characterized by very long and straight fins, which you can also find in our shop. The ultimate speed kick is provided by a special tail construction and the early planing, ultra-fast rocker in the bottom, which allows jibing and turning with reduced water contact. Our race windsurf boards also offer stabilizing factors, such as special race fins and robust carbon materials, to provide sufficient control and optimal steerability of the whole set up when exceeding speed limits.

Other characteristics of Race Windsurf boards are sharp edges and footstrap positions that are far out, so that you can control the board even at full speed. Skill is definitely in demand with such race boards, which is why they are basically only suitable for advanced and professional surfers. Beginners or hobby surfers are definitely better advised with one of our normal freeride boards with moderate footstrap positions and can also reach top speeds with such a board.

Top Race windsurf boards from top brands in our surf shop

best Race windsurf boardsIn our surf shop you will find a great selection of high quality models from top surf brands such as Naish, JP Australia, Starboard, BIC and Mistral. With our RRD Firestorm LTE Windsurfboard 2020 you will definitely reach turbo speeds.

Another recommendation is our Race Windsurfing Board Starboard Isonic Slalom Carbon Windsurfboard 2020, the lightest and fastest windsurfing board from Starboard, which will increase your advantage on any boja and maintain maximum performance even in more difficult conditions.

Another race windsurf board that is very fast and dynamic and at the same time very easy to control is the JP Super Sport Gold Windsurfboard 2020.

Of course you will find many more race windsurf board models in our surf shop that can take your speed surfing to a higher level. With our Race-Shapes you will definitely reach top speeds and you will have fun and comfort with our windsurf boards.

Buy a high quality Race windsurfing board at Surfer-world.com

You want to buy a race windsurfing board? Then you are at the right place! No matter if you just want to ride straight ahead or if you want to do cool tricks at top speeds, we have the right Race Windsurf board for your personal demands and skill level. Besides Race Windsurf boards we also offer many other surfboards, kites and SUPS. In our shop you can also find high quality surf equipment, wetsuits, surf fashion, repair kits and much more. The best thing is to browse through our offer and convince yourself. From an order of 60€ you will get your new surf equipment delivered to your home free of charge all over Germany.