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Slalom Windsurf Boards

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Slalom Windsurfing Boards


Full throttle windsurfing, sleek jibe around the buoy and fast through the finish line! Are you also in racing fever? Then a slalom windsurfing board is the right thing for you! Many surfers love to participate in windsurfing competitions and fight for a top ranking. But also with a GPS on your arm you can chase your personal records.

Of course, all you need is an optimal windsurfing board that is designed for top speed. If you want to buy a slalom windsurfing board, we have great offers in our assortment. Here you can find out what special features windsurf boards in the category race surfing have and what you should pay attention to when buying one.

Participate in competitions with our Slalom and Race Windsurf Boards

In slalom competitions, eight to ten competitors each have to surf around diagonally and prove their speed and demanding slalom windsurfing board Slalom Windsurfing boardsmanoeuvres.

The start and finish are always close to the beach, so that the audience can enjoy the action.

Apart from speed, the quality of the jibes around the barrel, the ability to use the suction and braking zones of the slalom windsurf board and the thrust of the waves also plays a role.

You dream of participating in such a competition and would like to finally buy your own slalom windsurfing board?

Then you are definitely in the right place!

Properties and characteristics of Slalom Windsurf Boards

Slalom boards are designed for extreme speeds and high performance. Regardless of whether you are a hobby racer or a professional, with a slalom windsurf board you can start early and reach high top speeds.

This type of windsurf boards is optimized for speed and acceleration thanks to extremely flat floor curves. Other features include wide tails with very straight and long fins, sharp edges and foot strap positions far outside, so that the slalom windsurf board can be easily controlled even at full speed. Basically, this board is always sailed with a sail that is at least one square meter larger than the freeride boards of the same size.

These windsurf board types are made for surfers who bring the necessary driving skills and want to beat them quickly over the water, but beginners and intermediates are definitely better advised with a Malibu or Mini Malibu. Raceboards are more like competition boards that are designed for advanced and passionate fast drivers.

Slalom and Race Windsurf boards from globally recognized surfers

Ambitious participants in racing and slalom competitions rely on a high-quality slalom windsurf board in order to achieve top performance. Do you want to buy a slalom windsurf board? Then you should definitely invest your money in a windsurf board with high quality standards. After all, you definitely want to prove yourself in competitions and be able to perform at the highest level.

In our online surfer shop you will find countless models from globally recognized surfer brands, including Naish, JP Australia, Starboard, BIC and Mistral. Our boards are convincing performance and geared towards top performance in speed and planing. With a slalom windsurf board you should glide very early with a moderate sail size of 5-12sqm, reach high top speeds and still be able to maintain control and stability and this is guaranteed with our slalom and race windsurf boards.

Which Slalom Windsurf board to buy?

buy slalom windsurf boardAt Surfer-world.com you have a wide range of high quality slalom windsurf boards. While a shorter board version offers you a much more lively driving experience, longer slalom boards offer you breathtaking resistance and directional stability, which with the help of full edges in the front area of ​​the board provides the ideal lift for demanding carving maneuvers.

For example, the Fanatic Falcon Slalom TE Windsurfboard 2020 is a real racing machine that accelerates in seconds and is extremely versatile with several fin options.

But with our JP Slalom Pro Windsurfboard 2020 you will definitely take your high-speed surfing to an even better level. This model is incredibly easy to control even with a lighter body weight.

We can also recommend our Naish Galaxy Windsurfboard 2020. This windsurf board brings a little more volume to the scales, but it guarantees powerful performance and a stable platform that offers you a lot of support and buoyancy even in stormy waters.

The best thing is to simply browse through our offer yourself and let our models convince you.

Your online surf shop for the best Slalom Windsurf Boards and accessories

In our SUP - Kite - Wake - Surf - Wetsuit - online shop you will find everything you need for surfing. Our surfboards are all designed and tested by well-known and successful manufacturers, according to the highest quality standards.

Choose between models from the brands Unifiber and Starboard or Buster, as well as Ronix, ProLimit, NPSurf plus NeilPriyde and many more. Of course you will also find top windsurfing sails that have been specially developed for slalom professionals. Feel free to drop by in our surf fashion department!

Here you will also find great gift ideas that your surfer friends would definitely be happy about. We hope you enjoy shopping and of course surfing with your new equipment!