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Do you know the feeling when you look at the perfect swell and you are just tempted to unpack your windsurf equipment, run into the water and ride the perfect wave? Then you should definitely take a look at our high quality wave windsurfing board models!

The so called waveboards are used for windsurfing mainly in the surf and are offered in many versions. You want to buy a Wave Windsurfboard? In our surf shop you will find from wider and bigger wave windsurf boards for smaller waves to slimmer models for high, breaking waves.

Windsurfing boards in the wave category are especially suitable for more experienced surfers, but you can also try your hand at smaller waves with a moderate wave windsurfing board.

What is Wave Windsurfing or Wave Riding?

Wave windsurfing, wave riding, is characterized by very similar and partly the same maneuvers as surfing. The Wave Windsurf Board Shopcutback and the bottom turn are probably the most famous ones in the category Wave Windsurfing.

At contests the participants have to prove themselves with spectacular maneuvers, jumps and rides and reach breaking waves with up to 12 meters of height.

To have the right wave windsurfing board plays a very important role to get the best out of every single wave.

Waveriding is basically a challenging discipline in windsurfing, which is mainly practiced by advanced and professional surfers.

The characteristics of the Wave Windsurf boards

Before you buy a Wave windsurfing board, it is important to know the characteristics of boards in this category and for which application they are suitable. After all, not every waveboard type is suitable for every purpose.

Wave windsurf boards are optimized for breaking waves and radical turns. For waves higher than the mast, more radical and slimmer wave windsurf boards are best suited. For waves smaller than 1.5 meters you should better use a wider and bigger Wave Windsurfboard.

These models are also known as All- or Euro Waveboards. If you are just starting out in wave windsurfing, we also recommend that you use a wider and bigger model. As far as volume is concerned, you should choose a wave windsurfing board that is about your body weight.

Well-known manufacturers and top brands in our Windsurf Shop

In our surf shop you will find a wide range of wave windsurf boards from well known manufacturers, including Naish, JP Australia, Starboard, BIC, Mistral and many more.

Basically the wave windsurf boards are divided into All-Wave and Radical Wave boards. There is also a special type of wave board for windsurfing, namely Radical Wave Boards, which are ridden with only one single fin.

These waveboards are often used in sideshore conditions when the wind blows parallel to the shore. Best you let yourself be convinced by our high quality products.

In our shop you will find various models of top brands, such as Unifiber, Starboard, Ronix, NP Surf, NeilPryde and many more.

The different Wave Windsurfing Board types and their Advantages and Disadvantages

wave windsurfing boardsWave windsurf boards come in different types and shapes, so it is not easy to choose the right windsurf board.

If jumps are incredibly important to you and wave riding is not your main focus, a single fin can be very advantageous.

For surfing, waveboards with several fins are definitely more recommendable, such as the Quad.

So-called twinser waveboards, with two fins, are used especially close to the wave. With such a wave windsurfing board especially tight turns and demanding manoeuvres are possible.

As a beginner, however, you should rather stay away from such a board. Advanced surfers and professionals can definitely consider a twinner.

Buy Wave Windsurfboard at Surfer-world.com

If you want to buy a wave windsurfing board, you will definitely find what you are looking for in our windsurfing shop. Having your own windsurfing board is something very special, but it can also be a bit expensive, which is why it is so important to buy a high quality and durable wave windsurfing board that will give you a lot of fun for a long time.

In our windsurfing shop we only offer quality products, which we select individually and carefully. Our windsurf boards are all made of high quality materials and convince in their performance. Of course you will also find the right surf accessories, including surfboard traction pads, fins, leashes, repair kits and of course surf fashion that will make you look good on every beach.

From a purchase of 60€ (in DE) you also get a free delivery from us. Have fun shopping and surfing!