Booms for Windsurfing

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Windsurf boom

The windsurf boom is an integral part of the rig. Via quick release, the boom between shoulder and chest height can be attached directly to the windsurf mast. The windsurf boom is basically composed of two symmetrical spars. These converge at the two ends. The tail can be adjusted in length. Also a locking of the tail is possible with the windsurf boom. The possibility of locking to ensure that the boom is available in many sail sizes.

The boom

In the rig, the boom primarily pursues two purposes. For example, he trims the leech to adjust the profile in the windsurfing sail. The main task is, of course, the holding of the windsurfing sail and the trapeze you can firmly with the windsurfing boom connect us so your weight against the wind and bring a maximum of power from the Segl. Decisive feature is the weight of the windsurf boom. The heavier the equipment windsurfing, the heavier the windsurfboard. When choosing the boom, you should orientate yourself to individual needs. So you can choose from high rigidity, high durability and low weight exactly the windsurf boom you need.


As so often in water sports, the material carbon plays an important role here as well. One of the most modern designs is the carbon windsurf boom. Carbon is a very high quality and lightweight material. Carbon windsurf booms have made a name for themselves in particular as execution for professionals. In addition, you can opt for inexpensive entry-level aluminum boom. Aluminum is a bit heavier compared to carbon. As windsurf booms the carbon windsurf booms have gained acceptance in recent years and are becoming increasingly popular. The windsurf boom models can also be distinguished by the spar diameter. The bar diameter affects the rig handling and the rigidity of the boom. Some years ago, most of the 32mm diameter booms were made. Meanwhile, most manufacturers build on 29 mm.
In your surf shop of you can choose and order your fitting windsurfing boom between models of the brands BIC, Naish, North, Point 7, Unifiber, STX and Mistral and NeilPryde.