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Windsurf harness

The windsurf harness is a harness system, similar to a mountaineering equipment, with which windsurfing relieves the arm muscles during windsurfing. For this purpose, the hook on the front of the windsurf harness in the rope, which are located on the boom, mounted. The body weight can be opposed by the windsurf harness traction. During windsurfing, you can "hang" the windsurf harness in the boom so that the arms are relieved. So you have both hands free to control the sail and to dose the pressure.

Material and history

The first windsurfing harness was developed in 1974 by Kailua and finds its origin in Hawaii. Robby Naish, an American windsurfing idol, was one of the first on the international scene to realize the benefits of windsurfing trapeze. Different plastics are used for the production of windsurf harness. The harness hook on the windsurfing harness is usually made of metal. Directly at the trapeze are several straps, which are tightened. The windsurf harness itself is wrapped around the body. Usually, the surf harness has a quick release, which ensures that the harness can be comfortably put on as well as stored.

Different surf trapeze

You can opt for the Surf harness for very different designs. Hüfttrapez be offered in addition to the seat harness. Differences between the windsurf harness models are mainly due to the hook position. As a surf hip harness the seat harnesses are primarily used by the speed fanatics. On the other hand, the hip trapeze is very popular among the tricksters. The surf harness is not only used in windsurfing today, but can also be used for kitesurfing and snowkiting. In our online surf shop we have the Dutch company ProLimit and the water sports equipment NP Surf and Naish.
In your surf shop you can choose and order your fitting windsurf harness between models of the brands Naish ProLimit and NP Surf as well as BIC.