Windsurf Harnesses for Men

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Men windsurf harness

The harness is next to windsurfboard and windsurf sails the most important equipment for windsurfing. The trapeze has the task to absorb the traction of the sail with the body, without stressing the arms and shoulders. Using a harness hook, the trapeze looped around the waist is connected to the boom. The train of the sail is forwarded via this connection, more precisely over the Trapeztampen directly to the trapeze and thereby distributed to the entire hip area of the windsurfers. Trapeze lamps are available in different locking systems, lengths and suspension types. Free-floating harness traps for male trapezoids provide easy unhooking, but are also prone to unintentionally unhook when the surfing conditions are turbulent.

Features of windsurf trapeze

Windsurfing seat and hip trapeze have proven to be the most practical and comfortable constructions of various designs. The hugely popular trapezoid should not cause any uncomfortable pressure marks on the waist and hip area when windsurfing, and depending on skill level with one of the abilities adapted suspension (free-floating for advanced and professionals, fixed suspension for beginners). Since the harness transmits the entire wind force and the traction of the sail to the hip and lumbar vertebrae area, the most important criterion for trapeze purchase is the right size and fit. Before it goes to the water with a new trapeze, the optimal rope position on the boom can be determined by various maneuvers in the dry.

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