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Windsurf masts

When windsurfing, the windsurf mast is a central and indispensable element. Through the mast, no matter what brand: North, Point 7, Unifiber, STX, NeilPryde or Naish, the sail gets its actual shape. Made of functional materials and mostly two-piece, the windsurf mast is particularly bendable and also easy to handle. So it is pushed into the mast pocket from the sail. Then the luff of the windsurf sail is tightened and tightened. The so-called trimming finally brings the windsurf sail into its desired profile. Through the leech tension can adjust the "belly", the profile and thus the desired propulsion of the windsurf sail to your needs.

construction methods

If you want to buy a windsurf mast, you can choose from different lengths. With the manufacturers, a gradation of the mast length has prevailed in 30 centimeters increments. The standard windsurf masts range from 340 to 580 cm. In particular, individual masts have prevailed as common mast lengths. The length of the windsurf mast is important for perfect sail trim and is fine tuned with the windsurf mast extension.
A decisive quality feature of the windsurf masts is the carbon content. Carbon is a rather expensive material and is processed in Windsurf mast in different concentration. The production process, which is behind the production of carbon, is also quite laborious. Thus, in the plastic matrix for the production of carbon different carbon fiber reinforcements must be incorporated.


The RDM windsurf mast is associated with decisive advantages. So it is achieved with him a better flow of the sail. Due to the better flow, the maximum wind yield as well as the planing are better. The RDM mast allows the sail to be easily turned over the SDM mast. The breaking strength is higher with this mast. The mast pocket makes the system easier to thread. The SDM mast or standard Diametre mast has a diameter of 48 mm. In contrast, the RDM mast has a diameter of 32 mm.
In your surf shop of you can choose between models of the brands JP Australia, BIC and Naish and Unifiberdein suitable windsurf sails and order.