Freeride Windsurf Sails

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Freeride windsurfing sail

Freeride sails are the best-selling windsurfing sails. Depending on their shape, size and performance, they are equipped with four to six battens and are offered in different variants by renowned manufacturers such as North, Pont 7, Neil Pryde, Naish, RRD, BIC, Starboard and Mistral: As beginner sails without camber equipped with only a few Slats, as a lightweight and extremely revving variant without camber for gliding and jibing, or as freeride camber with a performance-oriented shape for advanced freeride surfers. The latter freeride sails at least two cambers, with the help of which the battens are supported on the mast to increase the pressure point and dimensional stability even more.

Peculiarities of freeride sails

Basically, freeride sails consist of just a few, performance-oriented, durable materials. On the one hand, a water-repellent monofilm is used for production, as well as woven polyester, so-called Dacron, and depending on the price range of the freeride sail, a combination of Mylar and carbon materials for a degree of rigidity and control in extreme wind conditions. Essential for the bad weather performance of the freeride sail is the number of batten and cambers that increase the shape stability of the sail, but at the expense of maneuverability. A freeride sail with just two cams is in most cases the ideal middle ground to bring a versatile, revving and lively windsurf sail at the start.

Freeride sails at Surferworld

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