Freestyle Windsurf Sails

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Set Ascending Direction

Freestyle windsurf sails

A prerequisite for freestyle sailing, as well as for all other types of windsurfing sails, is that it fits perfectly with you, your windsurf board, and above all with the size of the sail, depending on the wind conditions. Freestyle sails tend to be lightweight, easy to set up and behave in a responsive and responsive manner in shallow water conditions and in small to medium waves. Compared to wave sails, they have a slightly higher potential for angling. Radical freestyle sails are uncompromisingly designed for windsurfing maneuvers and tricks and jumps.

Construction of freestyle sails

The optimal size of the freestyle sails varies, depending on body weight and targeted wave power between 4 and 7 square meters. Made for ambitious freestylers and in the larger versions also for wave sailors and all-round surfers who prefer a smaller sail while windsurfing, the freestyle sails of the companies Naish, JP Australia, Starboard, BIC and Mistral cover a wide range of applications even outside of pure freestyle Maneuvers off. Nevertheless, they are the first choice in shallow water conditions for jibbing, radical jibing and learning new tricks.

Freestyle sails

In the online shop of Surferworld you will find an ingenious and diverse range of ultralight, highly professional freestyle sails of the brands Naish, Neil Pryde, RRD, Pont 7, North, Mistral, BIC and Starboard. In the medium sail sizes there are only minimal differences between freestyle sailing and wave sailing. Who is more often in the waves than in the shallow water on the way, should freestyle even necessarily resort to a wave sail, as it has a little more stability and robustness by the number of batten and cambers in most cases than a corresponding freestyle sail in of the same order of magnitude. With sail sizes from 5-6 sqm, the freestyle sails offer less weight and more glittering power than comparable wave variants. In your SUP - Kite - Wake - Surf - Neoprene - online shop you can between models of brands such as Unifiber and Starboard or Buster and Ronix ProLimit or NP Surf plus NeilPryde to Naish and Mistral as well Matunas Surfwax course also JP Australia or Imagine and Earth Surf also Ding All else Cabrinha continue to select and order BIC Earth SUP and finally XCEL your suitable Windsurf or Kitesurf and Stand Up Paddling or Wakebaord Equiopment.