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neoprene coat

Especially after windsurfing and kiting, it is important that you are dressed appropriately to avoid that you are cold. Suitable for wetsuit for ladies and gentlemen offers the neoprene coat. The neoprene coat is made of comparatively strong neoprene, which keeps it pleasantly warm. In some places, such as the shoulders, some manufacturers use thinner neoprene sheaths to ensure maximum flexibility.

Benefit of neoprene coat

Through the neoprene the water bubbles off optimally. Indoors, the neoprene coat is often made from soft, comfortable lining. For example, polypropylene has proven itself for the inner lining. Due to the elasticity due to the material, the neoprene coat achieves an excellent fit. Some models have drains on their wrists. You avoid that large amounts of water can penetrate. Also on the bags, care is taken that the water can flow off optimally. With the neoprene coat you can reliably protect yourself from cooling down. Details such as textured surfaces complete the look. Some coats are provided with a hood that additionally protects the head and can be worn over a neoprene hood. The neoprene coat is basically cut so you can cover it up quickly after surfing, kiting and SUP riding. The greater the material thickness, the better the heat insulation. In addition, neoprene is one of the few materials that are exceedingly stretchy.