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Men's Neoprene Top for Surf

Thermowear or thermal underwear for men

Thermal Underwear and Thermowear are perfect for windsurfers, kite surfers and wakeboarders who are out in the water even in cold weather or even freezing temperatures. Soft thermal shorts, ankle-length thermal pants or long-sleeved thermal shirts combined with a high-quality wetsuit from XCEL, NP Surf or ProLimit ensure optimum protection and sufficient warmth. It makes no difference whether you wear a smooth skin or a laminated wetsuit - the thermal underwear keeps you in any case a few degrees warmer than usual. From a wetsuit with the material thickness 4/3, which is usually driven in summer temperatures, can be make a winter suitable neoprene suit by suitable Thermowear.

Thermowear at low temperatures

Often you have in laminated wetsuits in conjunction with cool temperatures and strong wind, the problem that the wind chill effect the body after a few hours in the water pretty much cools down. In order to extend the fun of surfing a bit and to keep the body warm longer, the handle to a suitable thermal outfit is definitely worth it. Thermo shirts and pants from successful brands such as XCEL, ProLimit and NP Surf significantly reduce the body's evaporative coldness caused by moisture and wind - they repel water and sweat away quickly, leaving body tissues and muscles longer to move , and long sessions in winter thanks to the right thermal underwear nothing stands in the way.

Thermowear in summer

Another highly efficient apparel knit, in addition to the winter combination of thermowear and wetsuit, is the combination of thermal underwear and lycra in summer. For example, at temperatures around 20 ° C, it is enough to wear a light thermal under a layer of Lycra. The two fabrics work evaporating and protectively from wind and cold, at the same time this combination preserves an optimal UVA / UVB reflection of strong solar radiation on the water. In your SUP - Kite - Wake - Surf - Neoprene - online surf shop the Surfer-world.com you can between models of brands such as Unifiber and Starboard or Buster and Ronix ProLimit or NP Surf plus NeilPryde to Naish and Mistral as well Matunas Surfwax course also JP Australia or Imagine and Earth Surf also Ding All else Cabrinha continue to select and order BIC Earth SUP and finally XCEL your suitable Windsurf or Kitesurf and Stand Up Paddling or Wakebaord Equiopment.